61zU3W+4klL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Sam, a child with multiple food allergies, helps to explain everyday concepts of dealing with his food restrictions. He tells us how both he and his brother have been lucky enough to have outgrown their milk allergy. Sam, still having an allergy to other foods, shows us how he only eats foods that his parents say are safe and most of all how he can still enjoy the fun of being a kid. Sam gives examples of the 8 most common allergens and tells us some of the foods in which those allergens might be hidden.

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“Awesome Allergy Book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JenS

This book is fantastic for parents of food allergic children. My 1st grade daughter enjoys this book and took it to her classroom to read.

About the Author

Leslie Berlin is a Certified Food Allergy Consultant for a not-for-profit organization which demonstrates food allergy training services. Leslie is the mother of two children; one with multiple food allergies. It has been Leslie’s ambition to guide and assist friends, families, and caregivers in their every-day dealings with food allergies. She lives in Michigan with her husband Jon and son’s Sam and Eddie.

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