A Tongue-in-cheek look at trying to get fit in your fifties.

“Can I eat chocolate, go for a curry, guzzle beer, drink wine and still lose weight?”
“I did.”
“Give me a copy then!”

This isn’t meant to be a book that tells you what to do, it’s more of a diary… a log… an adventure that has opened up a new door in my life. If any part of it helps, informs or makes you smile…that’s a bonus.

Neither a diet book nor an exercise regime, it is a sidestep onto a conveyor belt that, if you choose to stay put, will lead you to weight loss, a better state of health and an increase in overall fitness. Holy crap, that sounds boring…but bear with me. I hit 57 somewhere between fat and obese, looked at myself in the mirror and decided I better do something now or prepare for an early exit.

‘Funny, interesting, useful and…it worked.’ Gordon Wallace

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