Old Bloke Goes Running

This isn’t meant to be a book that tells you what to do, it’s more of a diary... a log... an adventure that has opened up a new door in my life.
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Book Description:

A Tongue-in-cheek look at trying to get fit in your fifties.

“Can I eat chocolate, go for a curry, guzzle beer, drink wine and still lose weight?”
“I did.”
“Give me a copy then!”

This isn’t meant to be a book that tells you what to do, it’s more of a diary… a log… an adventure that has opened up a new door in my life. If any part of it helps, informs or makes you smile…that’s a bonus.

Neither a diet book nor an exercise regime, it is a sidestep onto a conveyor belt that, if you choose to stay put, will lead you to weight loss, a better state of health and an increase in overall fitness. Holy crap, that sounds boring…but bear with me. I hit 57 somewhere between fat and obese, looked at myself in the mirror and decided I better do something now or prepare for an early exit.

‘Funny, interesting, useful and…it worked.’ Gordon Wallace

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I loved this book because it is direct, funny and it got me exercising again. A man’s own account rather than an instruction book. ’Murdoch’s fun foray into the world of fitness...could change and even save your life! Illuminating and humorous.’

Paul Murdoch (Author)

Author has recently published the book ▸Old Bloke Goes Running. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
Paul Murdoch, born the son of a slater in 1961, began performing on stage at the age of eight and since his teens has played live music all over the world. His first book was published in 2008 and he has gone on to produce a further six novels and five picture books. The first three novels in his first series – The Peck Chronicles are Talisman, Citadel and Tyrant, all published by Strident. Paul went on to write the children’s eco-thriller – Windscape, which was nominated for the Grampian Children’s Book Award. The follow up – The Egg Thief was released in 2017. Paul released Sunny during the Aye Write Festival in 2018. This book has been compared to ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and ‘Divided City’. Paul also penned the Tiffy Toffy picture-books, which have been used by UNICEF and other charities all over the world to teach English and to help younger children with counting. Paul has over twelve years experience of author visits; not just in the UK, but all over the world – with hundreds of schools, libraries, specialist groups and festivals attended, he has seen more than 30,000 children in that time. His latest book – Old Bloke Goes Running is quite a departure from his other books, a kind of tongue-in cheek look at trying to get fit in your fifties. The book is already gaining great reviews and has featured on BBC Radio Scotland. It is also the first of his titles to be adapted into an audiobook. Check out Audible to hear him read the book. He has just signed to the London Film and TV Agents – SMA Talent and is currently working on several screenplays for TV and Film. Paul has appeared on TV, Film and Radio and has worked with the following groups: Pre-school, nurseries and play groups: ages 4 plus, with his Tiffy Toffy picture books. Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Independent Schools, Steiner Schools and Colleges. Education Scotland GLOW – Paul is a GLOW author blogger. He has produced videos on Book Launches, Bali and Stone Circles. Bereaved Children’s Groups: ages 4 – 14. Via Work Connect Service Users Groups and The Specialist Supported Employability Services – Paul has worked with people with severe, enduring, complex mental health, addiction and learning disabilities. Special Needs and Access Schools – working with children who have emotional and behavioural issues. Festivals and Special Events – The Wigtown Book Festival, The Aberdeen Storytelling Festival, The Borders Book Festival, The Encounters Festival, The New Lanark Schools Book Festival, The Levengrove Festival, The Edinburgh Book Festival The Aye Write Festival, The Off the Page Festival, The Tidelines Book Festival, YAH YA Festival, Kids Lit Quiz… Creative Writing Groups – Adults and Children – Character development, Plot Planning, Settings, Real Dialogue etc Public Library and School Library Visits. Keynote speeches at school prize givings. International school visits to Germany, Holland and a major Scottish Government backed Cross-Cultural visit to the jungles of Bali, where he worked for a month with 19 tribes in 6 schools. Working with Charities – Asthma UK, UNICEF, The Heroes Centre, East Bali Poverty Project. Government Organisations – Education Scotland, Local Authorities. Author blogs and video TV for GLOW Paul is a SCOTTISH BOOK TRUST author. Paul has a great amount of business experience – He sat on the UK Commercial Leadership Team of a major pharmaceutical company. Teacher and Company Presentations – Conference syndicate work project planning, presentations etc. Book Shop Events – WHSmith, Waterstones and many independent stores. Although a group of 25 – 50 is ideal, he has worked with a variety of group sizes; from 4 to 400 at one time. He enjoys travelling, and has worked in hundreds of schools everywhere from Barra to Bali… Paul worked with Abertay University and FITSTARS to develop educational apps and games that help with young children’s fitness. Paul is an Asthma UK Children’s Ambassador and has worked in cross party meetings at The Scottish Parliament. Asthma UK has endorsed and arranged many of his school visits. Paul has worked with screenplay agents – SMA Talent and Production Company – Big Box Films, writing screenplays and adapting stories for TV and Film. Paul has been inducted into the Helensburgh Heroes Center Hall of Fame for his services to Literature. For booking details, email paulmurdoch1@gmail.com or call him on : 07784235151
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