717Q0LPVcvL._UX420_Oliver has a Hunger Dragon who rumbles and grumbles. He wants it to go away, but Hunger says he plans to stay. Is Oliver the only one who has a dragon deep inside? Join Oliver as he discovers the power of friendship and the sharing spirit in Oliver’s Hunger Dragon.

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” This book is wonderful! The problem of childhood hunger is more prevalent …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By D. Morales

This book is wonderful! The problem of childhood hunger is more prevalent than any of us would like, and this is a wonderful way to broach the topic with children. This book encourages them to be a part of the solution, as well as to let them know they are not alone. The illustrations are great, and I would recommend everyone who has contact with children ages 2-10 to add this to their library. If you have ever thought of donating a book to a teacher’s classroom , or to your children’s school library, this would be a great choice.

About the Author

Sherry Alexander is a native Northwestern. She was born in Montana but grew up in rural Oregon. An author of both fiction and non-fiction, she writes for both adults and children, and describes herself as someone who has had many passions and who has walked in many shoes. Recently retired from a career in emergency services, she is a freelance writer, blogger, child advocate and a history buff which she says she comes by honestly. Her great grandparents were pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail. She lives with her husband of 47 years on a small SW Washington ranch with their two horses, two dogs, and the occasional pack of coyotes. Visit her online at www.sherryalexanderwrites.com

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