516MPObKsSL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Will Olivia Find More than the Magic Conch?

New present day fable has a learning experience in the adventure

Tossing fact with fantasy creates a different slant in this charming fable where readers are entertained and enlightened as they discover the importance of protecting our beaches and oceans.

Olivia’s dad, a marine biologist goes missing in the Caribbean on her eleventh birthday. Could her hero, her best friend really be gone? One year to the day of his disappearance, finding solace in her memories and her dad’s teachings, Olivia resumes their annual search for the elusive Magic Conch.

Burrowing her feet down deep into the wet sand, pondering when to begin the search on her own, her big toe comes to rest upon something hard; and at that precise moment the mystical journey begins.

Vigorously digging with her hands to free the object, she has no idea she will unearth the power that will lead her on a mystical, magical, adventure…and what she will find.

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“Olivia’s Magic Conch”

Five Star Review on Amazon By By Anne C.

Olivia’s Magic Conch is one of those rare books that you can read with your child and thoroughly enjoy yourself. My daughter and I both laughed out loud (likely for different reasons). We also were both riveted by the story line and wanted to keep reading at the end of each chapter. What a story! I loved the way it brought so many good lessons to life for my daughter and, after reading it, even I was re-charged to preserve our natural treasures and ‘go green! I kind of feel sorry for the parents of older kids who will love to read the story for themselves. A terrific book!

About the Author

P.A. Zimmerman is a native of the Jersey shore now residing in Florida. Passionate about saving our ocean and beaches this former regional education manager/seminar trainer, mother and grandmother pens a heartwarming adventure fable by tossing fact with her talent for interesting and exciting. Set in present day, the result says wonders about her love of the sea, and her goal to shed light on it’s importance. Olivia’s Magic Conch, her first is that rare thing-a children’s book that actually ties into current events. In this age of vampires and ghouls, a refreshing fable for all ages stands out. But best of all it offers an awareness that doesn’t sound preachy and a small solution that can be practiced by all

Choosing to write an adult story next, Zimmerman’s new book: It All Began With…THE WART…a humorous,challenging, mystery is about a handsome quirky,gay life coach in NYC, who inadvertently and unknowingly offends an old hag while riding the subway to his office. Prior to boarding, Robin Hoode bumped into his one floor down neighbor Morris, whom he nicknamed Morris the Cat Robin finds a similarity to a specific animal in all his friends and names them accordingly. When he sat down after boarding he got a case of the giggles and it turned out to be infectious. soon all were laughing, all but an old scraggly hag with a wart on the end of her nose that had grown hair so long it was flapping in the breeze. Soon the train came to a halt and before he knew what happened the old hag got right in his face shaking her arthritic index finger with crud under the nail and threatened he would be sorry for laughing at her,then disappeared before he could explain. Immediately Robin felt strange and his day became one of turmoil and fear. His choice to find her led him nowhere and soon , hungry and exhausted he stopped at the local saloon and grill. He seated himself in a booth hidden in a dark corner needing time to regroup his strategy. Moments later a gorgeous, individual with lavender blue eyes approaches and invites him for a drink. Robin opens his mouth to decline …and accepts. And so it begins.
The flirtatious banter, greed and mystery murder, braided with humor will have the reader turning pages quickly. But shoving it will not be a piece of cake.
Zimmerman’s choice to write novellas stems from her own life experience juggling a career and family time. “It just wasn’t worth it to curl up with a lengthy novel; I’d leave it often in the middle of a chapter and have to reread every time I picked it up.” I am packing my stories with all the goodies to keep you reading from cover to covert in one good sitting.”

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