Stacey is an artist with a rock star husband, Pete, whom she loves with all of her heart. With two young children, and the financial security to pursue her career only when it suits her to do so, she and the kids are about to join her in-laws at the family compound in beautiful South Lake Tahoe for her sister in-law’s wedding. There, she’ll be reunited with Pete who has been out on the road with his band for several weeks. However, she is blindsided when she goes to her mailbox and discovers an envelope of photographs, explicit photographs of her husband and another woman. Suddenly, she’s left questioning everything she thought she knew about the man she never meant to fall in love with.
When she confides in her younger sister, Stephanie, that she thinks her husband has been unfaithful, Stephanie, who has married into the same family, can’t believe it. As this tangled web unweaves, both sides of the family get involved, revealing a history of ups and downs.