51-CDQbfqyL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_It was a hot, humid night in the summer of my fifteenth year. Swinging on a tire hanging in the old oak tree, I stared up into the sky. “God, I’ll go wherever you want me to go. I’ll do anything you want me to do. I’ll be anything you want me to be, but please don’t call me to be a missionary. I NEVER want to be a missionary.” I knew God was calling me, but I NEVER believed I could answer that call. I was NEVER well enough, rich enough, nor brave enough to be a missionary. I had only a love for travel. I had a passion for exotic places and colorful people, but I had to resolve to watch them on television from the safety of my living room. I would NEVER see them face-to-face. Floating down the Amazon, hearing the eclectic sounds of the jungle and smelling fragrances unknown to my senses, I couldn’t stop the surge of tears. They flowed as rapidly as the current beneath my canoe. I’m here. I am really here. I thought to myself. “Now what, God?” “I admire people who are willing to risk everything, even their own lives, to help the poorest of the poor and tell the untold about God’s unconditional love. They are my heroes. Because the poorest of the poor and the ones who have not heard are not found in places we would think about going to for vacations, rather in some of the most un-hospitable places on our planet, like the Amazon jungle. JoeLynn’s willingness to lay down her life for the cause of Christ and track into the remote regions of the Amazon jungle makes her one of those ‘rare breeds’ of champions who live life on the cutting edge. Her sacrifice and courage, her determination as a young woman to beat the odds and do what others said could not be done, takes the reader on a journey that is exciting, adventurous, and inspiring. A must read!” ~ William Turkovich, Missionary to Sierra Leone, West Africa “This is a classic missionary story that throbs with the heartbeat of God for lost souls and lost people, written by one upon whom the Providential hand of God has rested from childhood. JoeLynn Daugherty is what missionaries like to call, ‘the real deal.’ She lives and breathes primitive missions. Nurtured and prepared by God over many years for the miraculous ministry into which He has called her, to fulfill a dream that He planted first within her father’s heart, and then within her own, JoeLynn has written a story which is brimming with Divine destiny, guaranteed to help you fulfill yours!” ~ Rev. Joseph Purcell, Missionary and Director of Rhema Singapore

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“History,Nostaglia, Patriotism, Family Values, and Romance”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Virginia

What an absolutely entertaining way to learn history of World War II! Shirley Kinsey’s father Burlie Forehand participated with the Rainbow Division in some of the most important events in that war, so leaders like General Douglas MacArthur are included in the narrative and in the photographs.

How fascinating it is to read how average Americans lived and loved in a simpler age not so long ago! Imagine riding to your wedding in a logging truck!

What a sweet love story this is! Burlie and Hazel had so little and loved and hoped so much! It’s a story of dreams and family and sacrifice and faith and the American dream coming true!

This story is real. Shirley Forehand Kinsey and her sister Fran are members of our DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) chapter and their father, Burlie Forehand, was our guest of honor on Veteran’s Day before he died a few months later. He was a delightful man, one who touched our hearts as I’m sure this book will touch yours.

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