After a normal day turns disastrous, Madison Craig tries to put her life back together. She’s jumping at shadows and finds even familiar places terrifying. Can she forgive the men who hurt her?

Her friend Evan Mansfield sees no need to do anything but hate their assailants. He struggles with bitterness, but Maddy wants to move on. What will she do when one of the men asks for forgiveness?
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Sensitive and well written!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brenda Telford

Working in a busy city bookshop in Sydney was a stop-gap for Madison Craig; although she enjoyed it, she found working beside Evan Mansfield made the hours more pleasant. The intense shock of coming face to face with two robbers, both armed, was terrifying – both Maddy and Evan’s lives changed in an instant. Maddy found she could no longer live and work in Sydney, and moved back to Brisbane to her parents. But Evan remained in Sydney.

As Maddy tried to come to terms with what had happened, she found herself unable to mix with people; she was jumpy and nervous even with counsellor help. When she enrolled in a university course Maddy gradually settled into the routine – but would she be able to put the past behind her?

On the rare occasions that Maddy saw Evan she knew he was filled with bitterness and hate over what had happened to them both. He couldn’t seem to move forward with his life. How would the two young people heal? Would they be able to forgive and find peace?

Once Confronted by Aussie author Lynne Stringer is a heart stopping and gut wrenching look at the effect the robberies that we see broadcast on the nightly news has on the victims. The sales clerks, the service station attendants, the small grocery store staff – all would feel traumatised and terrified. The author has touched on a topic that is continually “in our faces”, in a sensitive and well-written way. I have no hesitation in recommending Once Confronted highly.

About the Author

Lynne Stringer has been passionate about writing all her life. She was the editor of a small newspaper (later magazine) for seven years, and currently works as a professional editor and proofreader.

Lynne wrote her YA sci-fi romance novel, The Heir, in 2010. The Heir is the first in a trilogy. Book two in the series, The Crown, was released in November 2013. Book three, The Reign, was released on 1st May 2014. Her latest book, Once Confronted, is a contemporary drama set in Australia that was released in October 2016.

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