51s+sWGxyYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Growing up in rural Jamaica, Erica Bennett was schooled for life by her mother, grandmother and aunt. The philosophies she imbibed were determination, good character, integrity, and the understanding that hard work is the only certain route to success. Employing an attitude of sheer audacity to succeed, coupled with the survival skills learned in her early years, she has built an independent life despite many challenges. Her career encompasses broadcasting, public relations, and education, guided by her belief that she can accomplish any goal by employing fortitude, by being ready to fail, but willing to rise again. She shares her story with the hope that others may derive encouragement on their own path.

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“Absolutely loved this book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sandy Ann Davis

An enchanting glimpse into the life of a young girl from Jamaica that reels the reader in immediately and keeps the pages turning until the end! This was a delightful true story of dreams, determination and grit! It offers inspiration and hope for all on their journey.

About the Author

A friend recently referred to us as “a powerful household name couple”.  I guess if you have been best friends for several years, that comes easily, which is how “our story” was formed.

Deb and I have been fortunate because we have always been able to distinguish and treasure common ground quite effortlessly. She is the quintessential intellect with an eye for detail, symmetry and perfection.  (She does not like being called a perfectionist, but between us, she is!)  I, on the other hand, posess a flair for elegance, charm, comfort and functionality.  She is more blasé about cost; I am more reticent to go high price so, in my opinion, perfect duo!  I am the great conceptualizer, she, the conscientious achiever.

It is with this synergy and compatibility that we believe we are able to use our skills and talents, to make your home the physical place you imagined.  We can’t promise to get your spouse to clean up, but you will be happy.

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