A story about an introverted teenager named Jeremiah Evans who is 17 years old. The story takes place during a weekend in the summer of 2010. During this time, Jeremiah is a depressed teenager who is very mad at his father for abandoning him and his family when he was only 10 years old. Before he goes on the trip, Jeremiah’s father wants to come back to his life, but Jeremiah is so built up with anger that it is too hard for him to forgive his dad for abandoning him. Not only has Jeremiah been dealing with the absence of his father, but he is also a quiet and shy introverted teen. Jeremiah doesn’t want to go on the retreat, but his mom thinks it’s a good idea for him to go because it will change him for the better. Jeremiah gets on a charter bus with all of the other youth from his church and the bus leaves from Atlanta to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. While on the retreat, Jeremiah seems to have a better demeanor as he participates in all of the events that the ministry staff has lined up for the teens. During the trip, everybody has a dance night were they listen to some old and new music, take a trip to the amusement park Dollywood, and watch the dance team perform a musical skit called “Everything.” In the skit, a girl dances with Jesus and then gets tempted by the devil to commit suicide. For the grand finale, there will be a very emotional moment. Everybody will cry and talk about all of the tragic things that have went on in their lives and what brought them up to their moment at the retreat.
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