Once Upon a Time With Grandpa

Here's a story with Butch Cassidy, John Wayne, and Wyatt Earp in the same universe.
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Well, sort of. Charlie and Jobie decide to work for Harper's. Their assignment, track down the story about Bitch and Sundance. This take is funny, and action packed. It's just like what Grandpa would tell on nights to keep kids occupied.I loved it!!!

-- Naomi Raven
Book Description:

Here’s a story with Butch Cassidy, John Wayne, and Wyatt Earp in the same universe. Sound fishy? That’s why they call it “alternative history,” and good old Charlie Hobbs is in the middle of it all! Get ready to laugh with this offbeat tale.

James L. Rickard (Author)
Are you a good guy or a bad guy? Do you ever dream of what it’s like to work in a bordello? How about robbing stages? Underground dwellers? Aliens? Distantly related to both Wyatt Earp and Butch Cassidy, James L. Rickard lives in the mountains of West Virginia. After studying Journalism and Photography, he worked in customer service while continuing to dabble in both fiction and non-fiction in an effort to find the best fit. After several years of dabbling with paid blogging, ghostwriting, short stories, and novels, he continues to dabble. Here’s your chance to live out your fantasies of the with the writings of James L. Rickard.
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