venArmani’s once beautiful life is shattered to pieces; his fiancee was murdered and he was left for dead with half his face burned leaving him with physical and emotional scars never to heal. The unbearable anguish of his tortured soul fuels his need for revenge and he vows to avenge Simone’s death at any cost.
But the cost may be his mortal life. The Dark One’s, a group of vigilante vampires, who play judge, jury and executioners of those whose crimes go unseen, seek out Armani in his time of dire need and convince him to cross over, avenge Simone’s death and join them in their undying quest for justice.
Donovan, a strong and loyal vampire accompanied by his faithful guardian, a large fierce black hawk, befriend Armani and teach him the ways of The Dark One’s, what they stand for and what their purpose for existence is.
Meanwhile, Victor, cunning and charming as well as the eldest vampire and the Master of The Dark One’s battles his own inner demons, his heart growing darker and colder with each passing day. Will Victor choose to let evil rule him? Donovan fears they may lose him to the darkness and is overcome with anxiety wondering how he and the other members of The Dark One’s could ever possibly defeat a vampire as powerful as Victor.
And Armani realizes too late that sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone as avenging Simone’s death only worsened his pain and now his only option may be ending his immortal life.

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” A Wonderful Read “

Review on Amazon by Abby

The cover of this book and title caught my attention right away.
It’s a moving & emotional story, definitely a must read.
The relationships between all the characters are realistically played out and makes for a wonderful story, this book brought tears to my eyes .

I could barely put it down, it was so good. I’ll definitely have to read it again at some point.
These were not your typical vampires, they were members of “The Dark Ones” who are vigilante, who defend the weak & abuse humans especially children.

When I finished reading this book, my first thought was will there a next book?
God I hope so, the ending gave me the impression there would be a second book.

About the Author

I am an avid reader and writer with an insatiable love for vampires and have released my debut novel, Undying Vengeance into the wilds of Amazon in hopes that readers will enjoy my take on the vampiric world. I have always had a wild imagination and love creating things, whether it be by writing or drawing, as it provides a therapeutic escape from the world. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Anne Rice. I devour anything they write. I work, I write, I read. That’s pretty much my life as I know it right now. Enjoy the first novel!! Many more to come.

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