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Only God Can Save Us by Alexander Griffin

Only God Can Save Us by Alexander Griffin

We live, we suffer, we thrive, we die, but we are never told what the world truly is. Each religion, each creed has its own explanation, its own justice. But are these viewpoints not mutually exclusive to each other, each cosmology precluding the next, and are some beings willing to die or kill for their supposed beliefs? Who is right, who is wrong? We cannot all be right… Agree to disagree they say, but that is where the rift begins, in this reality, loosely defined. Can we all be right, as we all live so according to our own dimension, in our own little universes? And so these worlds must coincide, they must agree at some point, or interlace to create a tapestry which is nere caught in the tomes of scholars nor in works of artists alike. And what of those who don’t ask questions, who don’t care to prod for answers, ask the universe for a sense of justice, the most oblivious of us? Are they not also just as real, with opinions and viewpoints and roles of action just as valid, seeing the sights just as breathtaking except through a different lens? Who is right? Maybe no one is… But some fight and die for their beliefs, to make theirs more real than others.
In this world our existence is poorly defined, with contradictory ideals based just as much in a solid a foundation, as all consider theirs correct, their cosmology replete with unshakable truth. What is true but the actor? The agent? Those who exist and carve out something for themselves, anything… In this quagmire let it not be known what comprises the dust and air, but we must be shown the hearts of beings, the choices we make, who we are, more complex yet more simple than all the ideas of the world. We are the world… We are the world…

And so a story is told, ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US, because someone must answer these questions, if only to create more questions to bring those forth. Answers lead to more questions; the questions are asked and answered and answered again and again, but will you find your answer…? -Will you find your question?

There are no stupid questions.

All cosmologies concur in that they all suppose that they are the correct solution, thus all having the same weakness, all negating each other if taken serious, and more so if discredited. Can one live and die without a cosmology? Sometimes we are forced to change ours on the fly, perhaps create our own for a given circumstance, being stronger, more flexible, more graceful than needing a fixed cosmology… But what if it was a matter of life and death…? Getting it right…if you really needed to know for your own survival…

Can you find the answer?

And will you find the next question…

The final answer…

To the final question…?

Or stop asking questions and simply live?

Thus is the quandary, the true weight upon human beings…

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About the Author

Born in California… Alexander Griffin is an expatriate author… His whereabouts are unknown…..

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