Only Human (Act One) by Leigh Holland

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Book Description:

“After my battle with the beast of the unpronounceable name, I crash landed on the walkway leading to a Welsh church. My luck was on the upturn when its priest picked me up and nursed me back to health. But now he doesn’t trust me and won’t let me leave. Humans- they always want something. Like the truth, for example. As if! Who does he think he’s dealing with?

Want to know my history? I’m a teller of tales. Not that I’ll tell you the truth. Nor is everything I say entirely a lie. Just sit back and enjoy my fantastical yarns.”

An engaging adventure of desire, determination, and demonic intrigue, dragging the reader to Hell and back.
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“Extraordinary, unusual and mysterious read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By olga

The first word that comes to mind to describe Only Human is fabulous! Extraordinary, unusual, mysterious and thought-provoking, this book surely made a great impression on me, echoing in my mind and soul with its amazing plot, and vivid characters. Gorgeous fairy tales, but so masterfully written you hardly can distinguish them from reality!
The story began, when a Pooka, the most feared Irish fairy, after the battle with the monster Llamhigyn Y Dwr landed near some Irish church and Patrick O’Donnel, the priest, who saved the supernatural creature, in return for this favour asked it to tell him stories. Being cursed with the Tynghedau, the curse that forces you to remember everything through all your numerous reincarnations, this being is such an incredible story-teller, indeed!
The first person narration from the Pooka conveys events and feelings of the characters in a unique way, the descriptive language, flavoured with a pinch of nearly sarcastic humour adds inimitable colours to the book.
I’ve met demons, succubuses, murderers, and more things that my mind could not even imagine on the pages of this mysterious, gripping book. My favourite idea that I discovered in the words of Pooka about summoning the Devil is that the Devil is just a metaphor for the competing desires within humans. Sounds so right to me.
I bet everyone will find something to appeal to them personally in these outstanding Tales. So, I think this book should not be missed!

About the Author

Leigh Holland lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her wonderful husband. They have lovely kids, an annoyed cat on a diet, and hideous bills.
Leigh wrote several poems during childhood that were published in anthologies. An only child, Leigh has always enjoyed creating unusual worlds and new and interesting characters to fill them. She continues to create new worlds for others to delve into.

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