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Protected Angel (Shepherd Security Book 1)

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Book Description:

Angel Matthew’s day started like any other…until she ran into the armed man in the hallway at work. What came next was a blur, a hostage ordeal, a terrorist attack, explosions and gunfire, a fight for her life. Then she wakes with a head injury and finds herself in the custody of a group of armed men, who won’t disclose exactly who they are. One of them, the attractive and attentive Jackson is kind and Angel finds herself trusting him, falling for him.

Shepherd Security recruits only the best. They can protect someone in trouble like no other because they work in the shadows, invisible, and outside the system where the rules don’t apply–just the oath they took. They don’t exist. That’s also why they can break any suspect and can get answers out of anyone accused. That’s when they’re called in, when someone must be protected at all costs, or when answers must be obtained, by any means necessary. Sometimes it’s not clear, though, is the person in their custody a witness or the perpetrator, a friendly or a foe, innocent or guilty as sin? Angel Matthews fits into this category–where exactly needs to be determined.

Warning, this story is realistic, with adult language and content. It does contain one scene of violence and abuse, followed by healing and strength on the way to the HEA.

Reviews for the Book

First I did read some of the reviews that were negative and while I can appreciate their opinion; I read fiction for enjoyment and to get away from reality; I really enjoyed these books! I read straight through for the past 8 days and felt like I was a part of the team (observer only!) - I will add that I am a senior citizen and was raised in a good christian home. I read something that helps me keep an open mind in most of what I read " You will always learn something from the worst book you read".
The characters are well defined as what they all are; top former military soldiers who moved from serving in SEAL Teams; Marine Raiders; Army Green Berets and maybe? - Air Force Special Tactics. They all work for Shepherd Security led by "former - but not really" Colonel Shepherd. They do what our legitimate service and Federal Services cannot do. Because of law restrictions. They fly into countries where american civilians have been captured or where war or some combat has broken out. Every member of the team has ID from one of the Federal branches; FBI; DEA, HLS, etc. They are under contract and once they have "taken care of business" they hand over the job to regular police force or a federal branch comes in and takes credit for the take down. They are unknown and unidentified. Technically they are "Black-ops. And like it or not, Black-ops are a reality. It's pretty much non-stop action from start to finish. (here's where the romance comes in). However, in spite of a non-fraternization policy, these men end up falling in love with some of the women they help or work with.
WHAT I LIKED: A lot of non-stop action! These guys and their ladies don't set still, they are constantly in motion; traveling to hot spots all over the world. The come in ID themselves to local law enforcement; track and monitor the bad guys and then risk their lives to take them out. They do know how to relax afterward and there are clear protocols after a mission; they all report to their therapist to identify anything that might cause them to have mental discomfort later. The author is clear that what they do is draining and could cause problems for them later.
WHAT I WASN'T A FAN OF: Not a lot; I didn't have a real problem with sex; there were a couple of things I didn't think needed to be so explicit. However in the first book "Angel" is captured and that was really rough! It was definitely a part of the plot line; but it was a bit too much for me.
There were a lot of abbreviations and while I knew most of them; DEA, FBI, GSW, etc. I got a bit frustrated trying to figure some of them out.
All the guys had nicknames from their former military units. They were used interchangeably; for example; Ethan Jackson's; code name Jax; he was called Jax; or Jackson or Ethan. Multiplying that by 10 and trying to remember all the names as well as the same characters from the previous books and it was a real challenge. I actually wrote a cheat sheet with all the names of the books, team names; characters names and nicknames as well as their ladies names.
I am definitely a fan and can't wat for future books. I see this as a really great series.
To sum this up: Great characters; lots of action; lots of romance; well written plots; guys who don't hesitate to take action whether on duty or just helping when they see something happen. The romance is fantastic and the characters are well defined and believable. - chb book addict

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Margaret Kay is a wife, a mother of two adult children, a grandmother, a pet lover who makes her own dog food from scratch, and a writer of Military Romance Novels.

Margaret’s husband proudly served 8 years in the United States Navy. She’s a veteran of more than a few deployments as the spouse who took care of the family while her military member served halfway around the world.

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