Original Design: Set Free to be Who God Created by Denise Buss

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Book Description:

You can’t simultaneously be who God created you to be and the person Satan molded you into. We are perfectly designed by God. He drafts our blueprint with distinct characteristics, traits, gifts, and talents and stamps it on our spirit before we are born. Unfortunately, Satan often succeeds at concealing our true identity when we are young. He uses an array of influences such as our family, our culture, and even the Church to wound and scar us. This not only stifles God’s original design, but we end up engraved with Satan’s trademark. We don’t realize that we’ve been altered because much of Satan’s work is either subtle or completely invisible. The Refiner’s fire can expose the HIDDEN SECRETS of the heart! Do you think the past can’t be changed because the damage is done? Spiritual destruction can be undone because in Christ, you have redemption from all of Satan’s work, including the impact it has on your heart, the reactions it produces in you, and even his work that becomes a part of who you are. In this book you will witness how God’s truths destroy the lies of the enemy and heal the unseen wounds of the heart. You will discover in a radical way how God can break the spiritual bondage that holds you captive. Invite the Holy Spirit to reveal where your blueprint has been distorted and allow Him to restore you back to God’s original design. Only then can you be who God created you to be and do what He created you to do. This is your true freedom in Christ!

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“Instead of asking last for God’s help;why not first ?”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jerry Guild

This is a type of book that seldom finds its reading amongst my usual ones to read.Other reviews do a good job of telling what the author tries to convey to the readers.It details the unbelievable trials and tribulations this sensitive nurse practitioner goes through from her early days’ in what was really a dysfunctional family,mainly because of her father till mid life.
While few people ,fortunately ,have never had to experience the mental stresses and need help from others and even professionals in order to get control and enjoy happiness.She choose faith in God,and a fellow pastor and the church to find her way to curing her problems and becoming born again.
With so many people ,not only rejecting God,but living their lives ,without any thoughts how God and the Devil,influence us in every way.
Although, throughoutout the book Denise describes how,with Ed’s help,turns to God for help ,few nonbelievers,would believe how much faith can help cure problems.If so, Denise shows from her personal experiences can be a successful road to recovery.
People often have similar success and find recovery,but are unable to show the results for it and able to write a book about it.If you have ,or know some with similar problems or any other problems,why not read this book..I remember somebody asking the Minister John Hagee,what he thought about Mormons,He replied,”Whatever you think,there’s not many of them in the state prison”..

About the Author

Denise Buss works as a nurse practitioner, but also has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry. God directed Denise to write her first book, Original Design: Set Free to be Who God Created, to share her experience of deliverance and healing with others.
Denise’s desire is for God to use her labor of love to transform the walking wounded into mighty soldiers for Christ. She believes this can only occur when God’s truths pierce the heart and replace the lies and deceptions hidden within. Once the heart has been delivered from the works of Satan, the captive is free to be who God created—His original design.

Original Design: Set Free to be Who God Created by Denise Buss Share
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