Our Gun

This is a lot more than a story about a gun.

This is a lot more than a story about a gun. Centered around the Western front of the Anglo-Boer war and taking seven long years to research and write, this is a story of political deviousness, ineptitude and military heroism that will knock your socks off.
Usually, we don’t know where an old artillery gun has been or what has happened to it, so it’s historical value is limited. In this case though, we know where it was made, where it went, who had it and what happened to it, which elevate’s it to a whole new level of the historical consciousness. Krupp Number Four is considerably more than ‘just an artifact’ from a long forgotten war.
This story is also a sabre-rattler, for number Four was a major participant in the battles of the Western Front. Now, in the 21st century it is a unique survivor, a lone shadow from a turbulent past; a rare and poignant reminder of a period that was to define us as a country.