Our Nipper 

by – Terry H Watson (Author)


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Archie Connor, a twelve-year-old victim of early 20th century poverty, is determined to carry out the wishes of his dying mother to keep the family together and look after the newly born, unnamed boy, Our Nipper.

Archie evades the authorities as they remove his siblings to the workhouse. Thus begins his quest to find his lost family again, a painful journey marked with hope and despair. Will they be reunited or has he lost them forever to the devastation of war, or to the rampaging Spanish flu?

I received this book as a gift, and I am so happy I read it. From the cover to the last word Our Nipper gently told a story of loss and honor and redemption that was absolutely beautiful. It is a bit of an O'Henry tale combined with a family saga. It is a look into another time when workhouses were the only future for some children. Ms. Watson has a lovely, straightforward style that made me think of the storytelling I heard in the UK, as if I heard lilt in my head when I read certain passages. I will never forget the characters. We need more stories like this; stories about life, hardship, triumph and love. The Connor family story was marvelous. I hope there will be a sequel with Herb. -Rebecca Forster

About the Author:

Terry H Watson qualified in D.C.E. and Dip.Sp.Ed. from Notre Dame College, Glasgow and Bearsden, and obtained a B.A. degree from Open University Scotland. A retired special needs teacher, Terry began writing in 2014 and has published a mystery thriller trilogy, THE LUCY TRILOGY: CALL MAMA; SCAMPER’S FIND; THE LECI LEGACY. She has written a compilation of short stories: A TALE OR TWO AND A FEW MORE; and a children’s book: THE CLOCK THAT LOST ITS TICK AND OTHER TALES. Her second book in a Novella trilogy – JULIE SINCLAIR INVESTIGATES – has recently been published, adding A BREAK for JULIE to the earlier A CASE for JULIE, to be followed in due course by A LETTER for JULIE. She has since added BEFORE LUCY as a prequel to the highly acclaimed LUCY TRILOGY. This latest work, OUR NIPPER, is a standalone novel set at the time of WW1.

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