This is the disturbing account of 31-year-old Joanna Dennehy, mother of two, the man under her spell, Gary Stretch, 47, and the murder investigation that led them and others to the Old Bailey for trial. A true crime short, plus 17 additional true crime stories.

It was the day before Easter, 2013. A man out walking his dog on a rural road near Peterborough, United Kingdom found a dead body lying in a ditch. The grisly discovery preceded two other dead body discoveries under similar circumstances, thus launching police on a massive country-wide manhunt for a self-mutilating female psychopath with an affinity for knives and her 7-foot 3-inch tall companion and accomplice. Before their bloody rampage was brought to an end, they would attempt to kill two additional innocent people who likely never even saw them coming.

There are other fascinating stories in this volume as well: serial killer Andrew Urdiales, Jodi Arias and the Murder of Travis Alexander, the Random Serial Stabber case, a killer who wanted to be like “Dexter,” a “Blood Oath” murder case out of Washington State, and several others chosen especially for true crime readers. Eighteen stories in all. Photos
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About the Author

Gary C. King is a freelance author and lecturer and has published more than 500 articles in true crime magazines in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He is also the author of several true crime books including: Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Sex Killer, Driven to Kill, Murder in Room 305, To Die For, Savage Vengeance, An Early Grave, The Texas 7, Murder in Hollywood, Angels of Death, Stolen in the Night, Love, Lies, and Murder, An Almost Perfect Murder, Butcher, Rage, The Murder of Meredith Kercher, Crime Scene: True Stories of Crime and Detection, Murder Most Foul: True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem, and Dead of Night. For more information, please visit the author’s website:

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