sdcdscdcdc“Two small glass fish tanks housed a small army of guppies that mesmerized me as I watched them swim peacefully in a tank free of predators. Business ownership is not for everyone. There’s plenty of sleepless nights and stress. Unlike fish that are separated from their predators in a glass menagerie, there are tons of predators lurking in the hidden coves in business. But the financial rewards are worth it; I get to call the shots.”

Susan and Omari, African American proprietors of an award-winning Afro-Caribbean art gallery and jazz café, encounter a wayward cab driver, and such encounter leads to an action-filled adventure as rare art pieces purchased in Philadelphia are locked in the trunk of the cab. A colorful cast of characters springs forth from Out of Love. This comical romantic novel explores the seldom spoken about world of art theft—a crime that is seldom resolved. International espionage, intrigue, and suspense lead the way to a surprise ending. Out of Love will rock your world. This book is inspired by real events.

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