Out of the Shadows by Alice Shy Recker

Beatrice Chandler is a crime story writer who lives in Tulsa. She is called home to Devil’s Creek in the rolling hills of mid Missouri for her Aunt’s funeral. In her short stay there, two murders occur of elderly residents, who are close friends of hers. She joins the Police Chief and childhood friend, Arnold Larkin, in solving the crime against Adelaide Connelly, and before the week is over, the murder of her neighbor, Fred Arbuckle. Adelaide is a former teacher and mentor who Bea and Arnold admired since childhood. Beatrice’s journey takes her to Colorado and back to Devil’s Creek in pursuit of the killer. She feels sure who the culprit is until she starts following two other possibilities: Benny Adler, the Choctaw and Tom Larkin, cousin to Arnold. Beatrice steps into hidden secrets in Devil’s Creek as she discovers all is not as it seems in her hometown.
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About the Author

Alice Shy Recker has published the fourth of the Beatrice Chandler Mysteries books all of which are set in various areas of Missouri. The Author has been published for short stories in Torrid Literature Journal, Looking Back, and Nature Friend magazines. In 2014 she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Torrid Literature Journal. She is a contributing writer in New Madrid County Missouri History and Families. Recker has won awards from Ozark Creative Writers, the Alabama Writers Conclave and White County Creative Writers for stories written for children and Y/A. She also ghostwrites fiction and non-fiction for private clients. Alice Shy Recker is originally from New Madrid, Missouri and is a graduate of Webster University, St. Louis, MO with a B.A. in Education. She lives in the Kansas City area and has two adult children.

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