Outsupered by Rob Foster

A WORLD GONE MAD! A World Imploding With War! The future’s only hope is a group of super-powered “heroes,” all outlawed as a threat to security long ago by a paranoid government. When the new President calls them back to action, can they shake the dust off of their costumes and get their game back on in time to turn the tide? Especially with a new breed of superheroes emerging whose loyalties are in question… the enemy forces having possibly enlisted the aid of malevolent extraterrestrials… and the most powerful super-being on the planet turned rogue? Can the very notion of a free world survive the evil brought against it by a mysterious elite cabal
bent on enslaving the world through a “forced peace?” The answer awaits you in “OUTSUPERED.” A superhero novel for grown-up kids.

Meet Solsior, an alien being of immeasurable power, stranded on Earth as a boy… Mother Superior, a tall, muscular redhead who is the reincarnation of Samson… Eagle X, a patriotic super-soldier with plenty of pent-up anger and frustration… The Red Wraith, a mysterious costumed crime fighter with a storehouse of super-scientific gadgets and a closet full of secrets… Mechatrix, a young untested hero sporting a suit of sophisticated battle armor and a head full of self-doubt. Tommy Dobson, a man on the run from his past, battling an aggressive illness, one step ahead of government agents on his tail – because he may be the one last super-being capable of saving humanity, despite himself.

Part action-adventure, part satirical parody and caustic political commentary, “Outsupered – Or, I Saved The World And All I Got Was This Cape” is the latest novel by Rob Foster, author of “Just Wrong: A Novel About Hollywood.” Foster taps into his lifelong love of superheroes and comics, to create an alternate universe of heroes, villains and out-of-this-world scenarios, with a plot that will have you looking sideways in skepticism about our own real world. At times gripping with edge-of-your-seat action, laced with Foster’s twisted brand of hilarious satire, “Outsupered” is the oddball entry into the genre of superhero fiction that you’ve been waiting for – skewering clichés and action fantasy stereotypes, a new spin on the whole idea of superheroes and their surreal connection to the actual world we live in.
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“There is a lot to like in a completely original style and Rob doesn’t let …”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Mark J. Chappell

I became an instant fan of Rob Foster’s fiction writing after reading his scorching thriller “JUST WRONG”. There is a lot to like in a completely original style and Rob doesn’t let you down in a cliffhanger of a story in “OUTSUPERED” You will believe that a man or men and a few really super women CAN REALLY FLY! “OUTSUPERED” is the kind of story that made us love comics as kids in an adult package with all of the deception and hanging on the edge of your seat for the next page. These are not your ordinary superheroes though a few are just a bit rusty until that ultimate moment when life on Earth as we know it hangs in the balance. READ “OUTSUPERED” and you will be there at ground zero for a do or die and sometimes… a DO AND DIE thriller. STUPENDOUS! I can’t wait for the movie!

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  1. THANK YOU SMB. My sales have begun creeping upward, and I have been recommending you to my circle of friends and followers. I want to feature other titles of mine with you in the future. Here’s to a long and fruitful relationship!

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