Outwitting College Professors, 5th Edition by John Janovy Jr

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Book Description:

OUTWITTING COLLEGE PROFESSORS is the ultimate college success book. This valuable little volume tells everything you need to know, from how profs make out exams, to how you should act if you encounter your prof in a bar, tips for maximizing grades on papers, advice on handling your relationships with the most difficult profs (in a chapter named “Advanced Outwitting”!), and ways to get great letters of recommendation. For over four decades, college students have used these tricks on the author, and now he’s passing along the ones that work, along with explanations of why they work. If there is any single textbook any college student must have, it’s OUTWITTING. You’re paying massive amounts of money to attend college. This $3.99 will multiply the value of that investment many times over.
OUTWITTING is the perfect gift for a graduating, college-bound, high school senior! And, if you’re a college prof, and 5% of your students take OUTWITTING’s advice to heart, your classroom experiences will be significantly more rewarding than they are at present.
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“Five Stars”

Five Star Review on Amazon By L

Great book!

About the Author

John Janovy, Jr. has published over a hundred scien-tific papers, eleven trade books by major publishers, and the leading textbook in his discipline (Foundations of Para-sitology, McGraw-Hill, with L. S. Roberts and S. A. Nadler). He has also written the script for an internationally televised film based on his books about the western plains (Keith County Journal, 1985, Nebraska ETV, 16mm and video, 58min; 1986 Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1st place in local information programming category). His book sub-jects include natural history essays (Keith County Journal, St. Martin’s; Vermilion Sea; Houghton Mifflin), high school ath-letics (Fields of Friendly Strife, Viking, winner of the Amer-ican Health magazine book award for 1987), anti-intellec-tualism in America (Comes the Millennium, St. Martin’s, as Jack Blake), and higher education (Teaching in Eden, Rout-ledgeFalmer). He is the winner of numerous prizes for both teach-ing and research, including the University of Nebraska’s Distinguish Teaching Award, Nebraska Libraries Associa-tion Mari Sandoz Award, American Society of Parasitolo-gists Clark P. Read Mentorship Award, and the University of Nebraska Outstanding Research and Creativity Award. Dr. Janovy has taught large introductory science courses through-out his career; that experience, along with his several admini-strative positions and service in international scientific organi-zations, gives him unique insight into workings of higher edu-cation, especially those factors that affect student lives. Web site: http://www.johnjanovy.com Blog: http://fridaycoffee.blogspot.com Twitter handle: @jjparasite Follow John Janovy, Jr., on Facebook.

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Outwitting College Professors, 5th Edition by John Janovy Jr

Author has recently published the book ▸Outwitting College Professors, 5th Edition by John Janovy Jr. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
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