Own It: Because that’s where it starts

Own It takes a peek into prison education, charting the journey of a hardened career criminal towards a life founded on hope the possibilities that a crime-free future would offer.

Take a peek into the hidden world of prison education with authors Vilma and Carol as they chart the journey of Bailey, a hardened career criminal. From his first tentative steps towards a life founded on hope and the almost unimaginable possibilities that a crime-free future would offer himself and his son, to the beginnings of self-belief, you will find yourself willing him to succeed, to finally shrug off the chains of the never-ending cycle of crime and prison.
Own It is an extraordinary book based entirely on the authors’ real experiences of working with some of the most socially excluded individuals whose vulnerability is often hidden behind the macho world of prison where to show any vulnerability would be regarded as a sign of weakness. Their work with these individuals is certainly challenging but also very rewarding. There is pain and lots of it but also laughter and humour and, with the growth of trust, a glimpse of a very different future beckons.
In developing courses for these hard to reach learners, it became increasingly apparent that the concepts explored are relevant to many of us at various points in our lives, to ensure we give ourselves and our loved ones the best chance of reaching our potential.
We very much hope you will enjoy sharing Bailey’s journey with him and walking alongside him for a little way. And if you should bump into him at some point in the future, be sure to pass on some encouraging words to help him stay on his new path.