Pandeism: An Anthology by Knujon Mapson

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Book Description

Pandeism: An Anthology presents the work of sixteen authors, new and old, examining the implications of the revolutionary evolutionary theological theory of Pandeism – the proposition that the Creator of our Universe created by becoming our Universe, and that this proposition can be demonstrated through the exercise of logic and reason. These authors present a wide range of views originating from their varied experiences, from professional theologians and religious educators to lay philosophers with PhDs in the hard sciences. Collectively, these authors have assembled the most extensive examination of Pandeism put to print in over a hundred years.
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“The revival of an ancient concept for modern times”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Christopher Fisher

This anthology provides an excellent, thought-provoking introduction to a little known theological position with historical and practical significance. In our secular age, people are abandoning organized religions at a rapid rate. Nevertheless, there remains a near universal thirst for spiritually and meaning that drives many seekers to look beneath the surface of daily life. This book offers a fresh, new look at an ancient conception of the divine, which provides meaning to lives without encumbering us to theological dogmas and rituals. Pandeism is as reasonable, spiritual theory that exists within the open space between fundamentalist religion and militant atheism. It offers a meaningful worldview for the increasing number of people who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” As a practitioner of Stoicism, I found this book intriguing because it provides a conception of divinity that is more consistent with ancient Stoics than pantheism, the theological position typically associated with ancient Stoicism.

The power of this anthology lies in the fact that multiple authors address pandeism from different perspectives. All differ slightly from each other while remaining consistent on the core theory of Pandeism: God became the cosmos, and we are each a fragment of the divine whole. Additionally, this anthology does something rather unique. The final section of the book offers analysis and criticism of pandeism from a variety of perspectives. For pantheists who may be dissatisfied with the spiritual sterility of modern “scientific” pantheism, this book may open the door to a similar yet profoundly different conception of the divine. Those interested in Stoicism will find this book interesting because pandeism has numerous similarities with the Stoic conception of the divine. This was a great read.

About the Author

Knujon Mapson is a student of the revolutionary evolutionary theological theory of Pandeism, a constant contributor to various discussion fora on the topic, and an occasional coordinator of discussions amongst other pandeistic thinkers.

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