Have you ever felt the wind playing posessingly along your neck?

That way it tickles the fine hairs. Of how just for a moment you are given the impression that you’ve been touched, that fingers have traced a line. . . is it some phantasm or something else entirely? Some intricate thing, faint wings, or maybe a passing wisp?

This is the feeling, the emotion left behind once you have been acquainted with Paper Lilies & Porcelain Butterflies, an impression as been left as though you have been touched without truly knowing by whom. . . , yet just for a moment there is a wondering sensation, a frolicking at base of your neck, a tickling of bewitchery.

It is a refreshing touch of whimsy, a touch of magic in a world of all too crass reality. You are transported through the pages into differing scenarios of theatrics, forest floors, meadows, and romantics tethered along with bits of real world truth. There is a world of color glimpsed through a window from which beauty is cast, looking out onto a world of fantasy and amorous intrigue.

Where Harmonious flow and delightful undertones are fettered together. It is a fanciful tale. A rarity of dramatic lyrics, limericks and telling poetics. To where will you be taken? To where would you like to go? Come, let me show you the way.

As these delicately bewitching verses march on through wooded pages and encompass the very spirit of human nature, eating you in slowed consumption and beautiful artistry. Find within a showcase, a doorway into a blossoming imagination.

Indulge with caution!
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A beautiful, insightful journey through the mind…”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Catherine LaCroix

This collection is absolutely breathtaking. Gerald uses stunning language and prose to carry the reader from one piece of intimate reality to the next. I couldn’t help but read it all in one sitting and recommend this to anyone looking to let themselves drift on the breeze of his poetry.

About the Author

Gerald Mills is currently the author of two books;The Decadent Lie, and Paper Lilies & Porcelain Butterflies, both are works of poetry, and he is the father of two wonderfully dramatic children.

Born in St.Catherine, Jamaica, he arrived in the U.S. at the age of six, and currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a passion for the written word and photography.

Author: “Paper Lilies & Porcelain Butterflies [2016 1st edition] has been an absolute joy to create. There is a certain passion I hope reaches the reader, a whimsical journey of endearing wonder and creativity. It is a showcase of the sides of a heart through flowering gardens, ballet, insects, and fevered love. I believe that the reader will fall in love with this book, basking in this theater of script and playfulness, there awaits beauty to endure.

As a reader I hope that you find yourselves lost among the many pages of dragons, ballet performances, flowering skies and reality. There is an absolute and true sense of wonder here. Life flows between these pages. I want you the reader, to walk this journey, to have some great adventure in which it compels you to great emotion and fond remembrances.”

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