Engaging! Intriguing! Poignant! And most of all entertaining!Love is not the end all, be all. It takes work, experience, faith, resilienceand so much more. If that sounds like a daunting prospect, you’re absolutelyright. But, there’s a solution. ‘Paradoxical: What I Wish I Knew Before I GotMarried’ is the quintessential guide to navigating the sometimes intimidatingyet always rewarding feeling of loving and being loved. This no-nonsense guideunashamedly shows you all the pitfalls of love gone wrong and showcases all thewonderful nuances that come with being a part of a loving couple.

‘Paradoxical’ is meant to be a timeless love toolkit to be usedat your disposal no matter what stage you’re at. Whether you’re dating, lookingforward to dating, or preparing to walk down the aisle, this fun, timely, andpoignant guide is there to answer your questions. The truth is final – we can’tescape the need to love, nor can we resist the longing to be loved. Let’sjourney on…with love and in love!
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True Wisdom for your Life”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rachel

I’m not only Richard’s editor, but also a fan of the work itself! Reading through each section intensively really allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the material, and I immediately thought of ways I could apply the wisdom to my own relationships. There were parts that I laughed at, and others that I shook my head at (knowing I was guilty of the same actions!), but my overwhelming response was, “Oh yeah, I get it- this is me.” I’m glad I was able to be a part of such a great project, and I highly recommend reading for yourself to see what parts of your relationships could use a little improvement.

About the Author

Richard Homawoo, MA, MS, is the author of “Paradoxical”, “In Times of Love” and “In Times of Trials and Triumphs”. As a “Catalyst of the Champion Within”, Richard has demonstrated, through his 30 years of coaching children and the youth, his passion and genuine ability to bring the best out of people who come into contact with him.

Spend 15 minutes with Richard and you get infected by his belief in love and his faith in the champion that lies within each of us.

Richard has also been sought after by colleges, universities and organizations such as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for his inspiring topics and dynamic style of presentation. There is one particular challenge Richard loves: to bring change where it is thought to be impossible.

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