Parris by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Parris is Alexandra’s third anthology. It is based on the themes of love, longing, loss, and death. The poems take inspiration from Irish mythology and also from the legendary poet, songwriter, and musician – Philip Parris Lynott (1949 – 1986)
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“Poetry confronting loss and change”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Kate Garrett

If you have even a passing interest in Irish myth, rock music in general, Thin Lizzy in particular, or poetry confronting loss and change, you will find a lot to enjoy in this book. My favourite poems here after a first and second read are ‘We Three’, ‘1982’, and ‘Philomena’, but it feels like that could change depending on the day as most of the poems are equally moving. A lovely collection.

About the Author

Alexandra Carr-Malcolm was born and raised in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She now lives in Yorkshire and works as a freelance British Sign Language Interpreter. Alex has been published in various online magazines and collaborative anthologies. Her first anthology ‘Tipping Sheep (the right way)’ was released in 2013, and her second anthology ‘Counting Magpies’ was released in 2015. Alex blogs her poetry as Worldly Winds –

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