51eECaLDqHL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“Christine Mazurk’s distinctive cast of characters take us into the sport-centric world of endurance athletes showcasing the camaraderie in a competitive environment while a romance unfolds in their tight knit community. An emotionally rich tale that won’t let go.” Annette Blair, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. “Christine Mazurk is masterful at maintaining the narrative arc of two intersecting plotlines: the camaraderie, training and competing of the teammates and the ups and downs of romance. Readers can learn a lot from this book – not only about endurance racing but about getting rid of past baggage so a forever love can come to fruition.” Carole J Greene, Literary Agent and Book Editor.

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About the Author

Christine Mazurk is an accomplished businesswoman and Ironman Triathlete. After twenty-two years in the retail industry, where she specialized in people, from managing multi-million dollar department stores to recruiting and developing senior executives, she has chosen to write full-time. What qualifies her to weave her tales? The authenticity of her life experiences generates countless stories waiting to be told.

Her business experience and the competitive edge in the world of endurance athletes, have given her countless gems to turn into rich commercial fiction. She’s been lucky enough to travel the world, recognizing the interesting and colorful places as settings for her complex and emotional stories.

She believes that everything happens for a reason and pays special attention to the Universe. The people we meet, the dreams we have are not random occurrences. The risks we take and the courage we display help to expand our lives. She utilizes them all to build her characters’ worlds.

Having grown up in a world of turn-around ventures, she embraced CHANGE. She believes greater things come to us as we step out of our comfort zones. Her theme; the heart of change is the change of heart, came to her after she finished her second manuscript and is now the foundation for each new story she writes.

Her strong network of family and friends supported her in her goal to get published; her wonderful husband her biggest fan. She followed her passion and worked diligently to reach her goal. And now – She’s a published author!!

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