A story of a soul’s journey into the 3rd dimensional and the experiences it encountered living in a human body for its spiritual growth. The revised and updated version of Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir is a compelling, gripping spiritual story of a woman who dared to step out of her comfortable, traditional background to choose a spiritual/metaphysical way of life to discover who she really is. From a young age, J.J. Michael knew from gazing at the stars, reading books on esoteric wisdom, and having conversations with spirit guides and angels that she was being called. Against all the odds of living in a world that marginalized spiritual and metaphysical practices, J.J. embarked on a six-decade spiritual journey to find out the truth about the mysteries of the Universe. Her heartfelt quest for truth led her to face many challenges. She learned it wasn’t enough to study truth principles; she had to live them. Path to Truth is for those who want to wake up to truth in the 21st Century. In this work, you will awaken to:•Who you are as a multidimensional being.•The esoteric/occult philosophies.• The great shift in consciousness and its impact on the world. •The Creative Process to manifest what you desire.•The role of Synchronicity in your spiritual awakening.