From the Best Selling Author of the Silo 40 series.

It all started with a nuclear-induced EMP. America’s three main power grids go permanently offline. Millions of Americans are dead, killed at the hands of a barbaric foreign invader. Most of the remaining Americans are herded into death camps.

Gone are the defense groups of the Armed Forces. Only a few fragmented groups remain in the depths of the oceans. Without navigational guidance, many of those were annihilated.

Cash reserves are gone and politicians are hanging from the trees lining the mall in DC. The opportunists that sold out America have been spread to the wind and government bureaucrats flee their offices for lack of a paycheck.

America’s only Patriot is awaiting his execution in a death camp in Tampa Florida. In his mind, he worries about his fiance in New York City, and if for any reason, his attempt to escape is for her.

But motives change and so does Joe Wyatt. For the enemy and their plans will have to wait when Joe Wyatt stands in their way.
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“I will read more by this author”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Harley wells

Very well written, exciting, descriptive. Anticipation for the next page causes speed reading! The plot is very good, and there is a surprise around every bend. Great characters. Really a good read, and can’t wait for more. I am now reading the “Bombardier series” Great follow up.

About the Author

T.A.Walters is a South California native and an avid sailor. When not out on sailing excursions, he relaxes with his wife and grandkids and an assortment of animal pets that hang around the house, and bring me things like a dog chew while I am down and under the sink trying to repair a leak. I’m no plumber but I manage to ‘wing it.’ I’m no web designer either, but I managed to ‘wing’ that also. It’s one of those sites that allows dummies to create a site using fully coded drag-n-drop items onto your web pages. Kinda like creating a virtual Lego Land: mine would be Dummy Land.

I beg you to drag&drop by;

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