Paul, Betty, and Pearl by Karl Larew

The central theme of this novel is an adulterous love affair during World War II; it is about the maturation of the main characters.
Paul is a young Army officer; Betty is the wife of a naval officer, Eric; they have a six-year old daughter, Rosalie. Paul and Betty witness the attack on Pearl Harbor. Betty then goes to Washington, D.C., to work as a civilian for the Navy, learning self-reliance. Eric goes into combat. Paul is stationed in D.C.; he and Betty continue their tortured love affair. Paul then takes part in the Normandy D-Day landing and the Battle of the Bulge, maturing as an officer.
As the War ends, the Republican Party tries to bribe or coerce Paul into joining in its attempt to blame the Democrats for the surprise at Pearl Harbor. A mysterious colonel in the Pentagon sides with Paul. At the same time, Paul and Betty risk his career and her custody of the child (and the child’s happiness) by revealing their love.
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“A historical love story during world war 2”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Jimmy ray

A historical love and war journey that takes you through the epic roller coaster of emotions that always come with this kind of relationship. The story takes place during ww2 and Paul begins an affair with a married commander’s wife. A war is looming on the horizon and love is in the heart of our main character. If you like a good love story with unexpected turns, this is a great book for you. As the war comes to an end where will the romance be? Well developed characters with a great storyline. The reader is drawn in and held close from the beginning of story to the end. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

About the Author

Karl G. Larew, Ph.D., is a retired history professor (still teaching part-time) at Towson University, near Baltimore. He has served as a civilian historian in the Army and as an Army intelligence officer. His special research/teaching field is military history, especially WWII, WWI, and Korea, but he also has published in the fields of intellectual history, popular culture, music history, and comic book history. He has published many articles, book reviews, and encyclopedia entries, plus one fantasy short story, two books of Larew genealogy (featuring a Civil War ancestor), and a novel about college life in the 1950s: “Candles in the Window”(1999). Recently he has published (through’s CreateSpace and Kindle)a trilogy–three novels of family saga covering the eras of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, featuring Pearl Harbor investigations, combat in WWII and Korea, adultery, child molestation, post-partum depression, McCarthyite anti-Red witch hunting, Soviet spying, 1950s-60s fears of homosexuality, and the anti-Vietnamese War movement. These books are entitled “Paul, Betty, and Pearl”; “Daddypaul and the Yo-yo War”; and “Gran’paul’s Family.” He has also recently published, again through and Kindle, two spoofs on vampire/werewolf/James Bond stories entitled “Bad Vampires” and “Nazi Werewoofs.” And, more recently, he has published a new edition of “Candles in the Window” (see above), also on and Kindle, and a new edition of his Larew genealogy (1st volume); most recently, he has published “The Mask of Freya” (a novel about pagan nature worshippers in the Revolution of 1848) on Amazon and Kindle. Also, even more recently, “The Philistine Warrior,” a novel which in large part is a retelling of the Samson and Delilah legend, but from the point of view of a Philistine warrior; now on and Kindle. Finally: “Zoombies from Planet X,” the final in my spoof triology (see above), also in Amazon and Kindle. But wait! My spoof trilogy now has a 4th volume! That’s right–count them! It’s called “Ghost-toasties” and features the same fearless crew of Good Vampires! Karl lives in southern Pennsylvania with his wife, a retired history professor, and their new (barn) cats. In non-fiction, Karl has recently published a small book of student “bloopers” drawn from his own experiences as a teacher, plus some from colleagues–plus a few of his own faux pas! And NOW, my latest book, a novella, “Puss in Combat Boots,” June 2017! And another novella, “Catari,” in Kindle, called “Catari, a Novella” in paperback.

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