The FBI colludes with the mafia to assassinate Hitler in the spring of 1938 during a state visit to Italy. Bugsy Siegel and his accomplice, a secret agent to keep the gangster’s volatile nature from erupting, are chosen to carry out the deed. With the help of the Italian mafia, conned into thinking the target is their bitter enemy Mussolini, the pair must avoid rival gangs and a wily Italian police inspector to avoid being caught or killed before they can even get close to Hitler. No one could have predicted the calamitous events their mission unleashes.

..”.nations that play chess with world leaders should beware; toppling the King may just be the beginning…The author’s personal insight makes Payback a great novel of what might have been.” —Ian Hall, author of the Avenging Steel series.

Payback is a fascinating alternative history which turns what we know of World War II on its head. Gangsters and Hitler – what could go wrong? Read Payback to find out!”–James R Benn, author Rag and Bone.

..”.Real historical figures blend seamlessly with fictional ones, and everyone is believable…In the long tradition of Axis victories in the Alt-History genre, Italy is often overlooked. Michael FitzGerald changes that with Payback, a novel filled with strong characters, excellent research and surprising twists and turns.”–Sandra Saidak, author of From the Ashes.

..”.Bugsy Siegel, a hitman for the American Mafia, and Luigi Carmona, a far less psychotic but no less competent killer, travel to Mussolini’s Rome before the outbreak of World War II on a mission of assassination…a page-turner of a thriller [and]an alternate history novel that asks us whether great men control history or…are controlled by it…”–David Dvorkin, Author of Budspy.

Payback is a first-rate thriller. Michael FitzGerald’s tale of World War II intrigue and daring keeps the heart racing to the very last page.”–James Thayer, author S-Day.

a great read with an amazing plot that kept me always wanting more. It’s a great story about Hitler, Mussolini, gangsters and an FBI agent that held my interest till the end…”–David Avoura King – Author Hitler Out of Time.

one of the most original ‘what if’ novels since Fatherland…explores the unique possibility that if Adolf Hitler were assassinated before his grip on Germany tightened then there would be a power vacuum in Europe of immense proportions. His addition of American mafia figures brings a colorful new level to this intriguing novel.”–Kim Kinrade, Author Rockets of the Reich.
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Good alternate history story”

Five Star Review on Amazon By David Avoura King

Great story with the theme of an alternate history, about the mafia and FBI wanting to assassinate Adolf Hitler when he visits Italy. Left me wanting more, I really enjoyed it. What if Hitler had been assassinated before WW2? This story shows how it might have been planned.

About the Author

Since 1990 I’ve had eight books published on a variety of topics.

My main areas of writing are history – particularly the Third Reich and prehistory, paranormal phenomena and UFOs.

My first novel “Payback” has just been published by Moonshine Cove. It’s an alternate history thriller set in 1938 Italy.

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