At last! The tools to become a calm and bold ‘Peak Performer’ living an outstanding life of freedom, love and adventure.

A cutting edge illustrated book that is unique in merging both Eastern style spirituality and conventional Western routes to success. The reader is guided by the first of a kind use of Maps – pictorials and acronyms that have logical, scientific and memorable associations.

In absorbing and applying the tips, tools and techniques in this book you will:
See your world in a new and refreshing perspective
Operate at a higher emotional quality or vibration
Increase your personal effectiveness and performance
Gain Spiritual Warrior skills to live more or less fearlessly
Gravitate towards strengths, preferences & unique talents
Achieve your Mission aided by Meditation & Mindfulness
Feel purposeful and enjoy a warm appreciation for life
Gain a resilient, imperturbable, peaceful mind
Create an outstanding life of fulfillment
Be an inspiration to others
Live life on your own terms

This unique book builds on, integrates and often goes beyond teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and many contemporary writers on success.

Are you the body/ brain or the animating presence? Draw on your present moment awareness, maximize self-mastery and live an enlightened, problem-free, inspired, creative and outstanding life!

Whether you’re a baby-boomer focused on fulfillment, a hard working mid-careerist wondering if there’s more to life, a huge success story a shade out of touch with your soul, or even a monk without a motivating mission – in your quest for peak performance, freedom, love and adventure await you!
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“A detailed guide with lots of info to consider….”

Five Star Review on Amazon By LB

For those who enjoy learning through charts, visuals, direct steps, and objective information resources to choose from, this is a great offering from an author who ‘walks the talk’. He includes multiple sources for his points and encourages the reader to select those pieces that make most sense to them and start with changes that jive with them in the moment. He mentions this is the first in a series on ‘Peak Performance’ and I’m interested to see where he goes with #2!

About the Author

Alan Sullivan MSc, MBA, AMICE, MCMI, a Certified Master Coach, had a prior career as a civil engineer, then management consultant, working with consulting companies in institutional development and capacity building, mainly in the transportation infrastructure sector. He has both written, and edited, numerous reports for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission and other agencies.

Alan’s practical experience includes project management, change management and coaching. He is an expert in Peak Performance and personal transformation, and keeps up to date with the latest research in personal development, performance, neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, spirituality and well-being. He is currently Editor for selected articles provided to the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, (BritCham), on behalf of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Jakarta Local Association. He has also had a number of articles published in BritCham’s periodic magazine Up.Date, covering topics such as strategic planning, infrastructure management, coaching and change management. He has previously published work in Journals and recently published a book in the success/ spiritual genres.

Alan has visited over 40 countries and has carried out consulting assignments in 20 of these.

During the last twenty years, Alan has lived in South East Asia, mainly in Jakarta, Indonesia and in Thailand apart from an assignment in India and a few forays into Africa.

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