This is stream of consciousness free-form poetry. It was written between 1972 and 1976. The poetry is descriptive of observations made by the author. The manuscript was lost for 40 years and found recently found by Linda Lowe.
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“A fine collection of poetry”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Dean Bonner

These 75-odd poem strings are just tight enough to resonate, and they ring true.
There’s a sublety, and sometimes a bluntness, in this collection.
Gail Rutherford ‘s poetry beckons you to explore the unknown depths of the seemingly still pool
at the foot of an idea waterfall, and all the unseen currents beneath that pool’s surface.
Currents that pull you down into darker places, then push you back to the surface, the light,
and the fresh clean air.

About the Author

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, graduated from Little Rock Central High School, attended the University of Central Arkansas. Retired Architect, General Contractor and Construction Analyst for the Federal Government. Will never retire as an observer and participant in life, as well as, a political activist. Love writing and reading. Poetry the lost genre.

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