Percy’s Gold or The Trust Fund is a multi-generational saga of familial love, infidelity and loyalty. Aided by his brother Sam and the underground-railroad, Percy runs from the encroaching Civil War and joins a wagon train headed west. Tired of the hardships of living on the prairie, he steals gold from the railroad as it makes its way through the Black Hills. Upon Percy’s death, the stolen gold is passed to Sam and his descendants as a familial trust fund. To inherit stolen gold, each must be trusted to keep the family secret. Sam’s daughter, who has Alzheimer’s, Wills the gold to her grandson, Jason, but misplaces it before he can inherit it. How will modern-day descendants, Emma and Jason, come to terms with what they learn as their quests for parental love and material inheritance test their trust of one another?
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Five Star Review on Amazon by JoAnne

I found Percy’s gold to be a captivating story that left me wanting to read a sequel! Although beginning in the mid-1800s, the story of a family’s blessing and curse rings true today, especially as we deal with Alzheimer’s disease and financial challenges. Definitely would recommend reading.

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