5105z3s-4oL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_vfsgfsThis book is 135 pages of colouring puzzle fun, and you’re going to need a printer. Please note it is not an APP with functionality or interactivity. Print size of 8.5″x11″ is recommended. What makes a really great puzzle satisfying? Stretching and flexing your brain, while at the same time the solution is materializing right before your eyes! The same rush one gets from the sense of completion and fulfillment doing Sudoku and Crosswords can be found to be even more intense with PIC-A-PIX THE LATEST PUZZLING FIX! And the pleasure of creating images rather than numbers or words can be extremely electrifying! Based on the original Japanese form called Oekaki-Logic, this book by Diane C. Baher offers you 100 of her wonderful, highly addictive and and original puzzles, that will have even the most hardened Sudoku addicts making the switch. Each puzzle will challenge your logic to follow numerical clues to reveal a two-toned picture. We guarantee if you start solving these puzzles, you will be rewarded with great pleasure and feelings of achievement, so enjoy!

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I feed my need by creating Picapix puzzles! Author, wife & mother, passionate about sharing them. Follow for somewhat related & valuable content, free puzzles!

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