Picking Murphys by James Summers

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51VJI84JLIL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_From Connecticut to California, evil runs rampant. It learns as it goes, having been released into our world without the benefit of a mentor. It has gone by many names and held many jobs. Waiting patiently for its next distraction, it stares at the wall for hours on end. Attempting to start over anew, Matthew travels to California in pursuit of his dreams. He purchases property to mine for minerals beneath the beautiful countryside. Join Matthew as he explores his new environment while working to become a great role model to his son, Robbie. However, an evil presence has taken an interest in Matthew and Robbie. Everything that happens leads its prey to California; all done according to plan. Not a single decision or happening occurred without its direction. Although not always immediately present, it was never too far away to admire its handiwork. It watched on as their lives completely unraveled. Follow Matthew and Robbie as their lives and everyone around them become intertwined with the supernatural. Its evil doings do not go unnoticed by all. An older couple follows the evil as closely as they can. An intriguing game of cat and mouse ensues, with those in pursuit always two steps behind. Hold on to your fears as you witness what’s possible when one applies determination in an uphill struggle. Could you persevere in extreme adversity? Could you fight against what you cannot see? Do you believe in one and not the other?

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“I loved this book it has such an interesting twist to …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By cherylwhtfld1205

I loved this book it has such an interesting twist to the story it will blow your mine. I would rate this book at a R for mature audience above 17 and older. It will be worth you wild to get it have your mind get lost in the story. I can see this as a movie and would really love to see this happen.

About the Author

James Summers is an IT professional who writes in his off time on weekends and on camping trips. He’s happily married and lives in Southern Indiana, USA. An avid fan of psychological horror, he loves to portray darkness and chaos. The author thrives on the darkness that lies inside us all, tending to focus exclusively on psychological horror. He paints a subtle mixture of what the mind sees and thinks, whether or not it can get away with it. Sometimes it’s not what has been described; but what is missing that disturbs you the most.