A child, a teenager, an adult, and his journey of inspiration in a world that has created a new one. A world of unforgettable feelings, a world of unbearable wonder.

Pieces of Heaven is an oasis of silence in which the author (myself) was called to hear, to see, and to understand the simplicity of complexity. A manifestation of something greater than anything, in a soul that never rests. The story is a real discovery of what we can have without being asked, but willing to receive.

This is the life of an ordinary man whose spiritual experiences gave the answer to a question that the child never knew , the adolescent never asked, and the adult never doubted. But the answer he received guided his entire life, because God never left him alone.

And yes, this is me, Gabriel L. Beer, a family man, with education, with a job, with a dream, whose life is filled with happiness and blessed by the light that I touched. And for that I will be grateful forever.
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About the Author

My name is Gabriel L. Beer. I am a new author looking to provide insight into spirituality through my works. My spiritual experiences have given me the ability to share, explain, and enlighten others. My first book titled “Pieces of Heaven” which can now be found on Amazon will be an introductory step into my life and the experiences which I have had. Moreover, this book has given me the opportunity to provide a message that I believe I have been destined to share.

I am very much a regular person blessed with a great job and a beautiful family. I am a proud husband and father. I was born in Romania in 1967, and currently living in Canada with my wife and son. My passion for writing has always been a part of who I am. I am not a professional writer, but my ability and willingness to put thoughts on paper come through analytical thinking and my deep philosophical reflection.

I hope to reach out and open the minds of others through my works. I wish to interact with my readers and share thoughts and feeling about merely anything and not only the world of spirituality. I thank you all in advance for allowing me the opportunity to share my experiences with you and I look forward to a future filled with excitement and reflective brilliance.

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