Adult coloring books have become something of a revelation in recent times. The benefits from increased levels of concentration, stress relief and relaxation cannot be understated and have been part of the reason behind the surge in demand. But what if coloring mandalas and animal patterns aren’t your thing? What if you want something a bit different? Pin-Ups V’s Zombies has been created specifically to be the answer to adult coloring for men. With pages packed with graphic imagery, festering zombies and above all, naked breasts, this is one adult coloring book which is made just for men. With a full 60 pages of grisly, horrifying, decomposing and sexy imagery in that most iconic of horror genres, Pin-Ups V’s Zombies is set to take the world of adult coloring by storm with its unique and unusual take on a phenomenon which has shown that it is here to stay. Get your copy today and enjoy a new experience in adult coloring!
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Amazing Attention To The Gory Details!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Clint M

Mark has done an amazing job combining his talents as a tattoo artist and fan of the sci-fi/pin-up genres to bring this masterpiece. This coloring book is an homage to the great graphic novels of yesteryear such as Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt which brought an adult flavor to one of our childhood past-times, reading comics. Where this goes a step further is it allows us the reader to add the colors ourselves thus creating our own work of art.

About the Author

Mark Anthony Brewer was born on a Maryland Army base and spent his early childhood in Europe and Asia, sparking a wanderlust that persists to this day. His family ultimately settled in Chicago where he stayed until he enlisted in the Air Force himself. Mark is no stranger to life’s challenges. Separated from his family shortly after his high school graduation due to religious differences, Mark spent time doing odd jobs to make ends meet while studying at a local community college. Eventually, he enlisted in the Air Force where he built a successful career as a military police officer. Unfortunately, after having been honored with awards and service medals for his actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, his military career was cut short due to injuries. In YEAR he was honorably discharged as a disabled veteran.

After returning home, Mark struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. He participated in intensive therapy at the VA, where he spent countless hours over several years learning to cope and even thrive with these conditions. It was during that time that Mark turned to his love of art, drawing, and tattoos. Through drawing, he found a unique meditative peacefulness and established a large collection of designs and images. After the birth of his beautiful daughter, Mark was motivated to do something with his collection. He has compiled and published multiple volumes of adult coloring books in hopes his art can provide the same calm oasis for others as it did for him. His customer though has the distinct advantage of not having to learn to draw first!

After publishing his popular series Dr Mann’s ZenTrees Mandala and Geometric design series with his wife, Dr Sarah Mann, he aimed to expand outside the mainstream and compile content that appeals to various neglected niches. He has dedicated himself to providing content that is tougher, grittier, and sexier and that will appeal to his fellow veterans and servicemen. You can find his entire collection on Amazon – check them out now!

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