514yjY4mgAL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_It takes more than just a brilliant idea to be a successful entrepreneur. Among all of the challenges facing a business owner, finding funding is one of the most overwhelming. This challenge alone can significantly limit an entrepreneurial dream. Pitch Your Business Like a Pro arms you with the techniques necessary to effectively pitch your business and entrepreneurial ideas anytime an opportunity comes your way to do so. It is designed to help you to explore which options are best for you and how to position yourself to pitch you, your idea and your business to potential investors. To do this most effectively, it is important to know to whom you are pitching to, what they look for in a winning pitch, and how to best deliver it. As an established entrepreneur and business professional who has made a significant number of pitches and has helped prepare others do so over the years, I’ve designed this book to help you successfully address these questions by: Discussing the major funding options, investor groups and platforms available to the entrepreneur. Offering a complete guide to creating a compelling business plan as a basis for developing an outstanding pitch. Providing a valuable list of the essential do’s and don’ts of pitching. This book also shows you what to aim for in a pitch and what investor audiences look for in a pitch, as well as offering a master-class in how to deliver a pitch that you can use to develop your own winning pitching style. At the end of the book is a bonus chapter with precise details on how to make a successful sales pitch. Your ability to pitch effectively will go a long way toward making your business dream a success, especially when you are able to attract the right kind of investor who is not just keen on making some money from your business but believes in you and your journey. Welcome to Pitch Your Business Like a Pro!

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” A Business Must Have!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Katherine Waddell

Victor Kwegyir’s book: “Pitch Your Business Like a Pro” is successful in
points across in a clear, understandable manner. He takes the time to
define each concept in detail so that the reader can better understand
the information, but he doesn’t explain it so much that it’s overkill.

The book is organized into four different parts, with thirty chapters.
This makes learning the basics about pitching simpler, as the reader can
pick and choose which parts they want to read through or go back over.

Kwegyir also highlights important ideas through the use of bullet
points, which makes it easy for the reader to sift through information.
What I found the most helpful is how Kwegyir illustrates both sides of most
examples, specifically the pitch. He includes quotes from investors
about what they are looking for in a presentation, which is very helpful
for entrepreneurs when creating their pitch.

The fact that he uses specific quotes from actual people shows that he wants to make his book
relatable and applicable to the real world.

Kwegyir also tends to repeat information. I found this helpful,
because I was able to really remember the major points. Overall, Kwegyir does a great job
of making his ideas concise and easy to understand. He repeats some of his points, but does so by bringing them
up in different contexts.

About the Author

Victor K. E. Kwegyir (HND Accountancy, ACCA I & MSc Management and Development of International Financial Systems) is the Founder and CEO of VIKE INVEST (UK) LTD. Victor has worked in various fields of business with experience in financial management services and entrepreneurial/business development industry for well over fifteen years. The wealth of experience gained is by virtue of working nationally and internationally from Banking (Prudential Bank Ltd. – Ghana); Customer Services (Ventura – UK); Retail Investments – Investment Associate I (Legal & General Group plc. – UK); and Business Support Services (EBSP Ltd. – EU/Welsh Assembly Inclusion Programme – UK); with a track record of professionalism and insight into business development and management at various levels.

Victor is the author of the business motivational book “THE BUSINESS YOU CAN START – Spotting The Greatest Opportunities In The Economic Downturn”, and other soon to be released titles; “Creating The Compelling Business Plan”; “Wealth Creation as God intended”, and Co-author of “You’ve been fired! Now what?”

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