An exuberant modernist reminder that T S Eliot was a fan of detective fiction, Charlie Chaplin and the music hall. Playing Possum draws on a lifelong engagement with the poet’s work. Fleeing from a violent incident in London in 1922, pursued by police and the author, Tom spends a troubled night in the Duke of Cumberland Hotel in Whitstable. Demobilised soldiers hold an open air meeting below his window and a silent movie is being shot on the seafront. Kevin Davey draws on local history, European literature, and songs, films and artworks from the period to produce the kind of novel T S Eliot himself would have enjoyed.
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Do yourself a favour and read this book!”

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A brilliantly written story that gives a real sense of the times and locations. Funny as well.

About the Author

Kevin Davey is the author of English Imaginaries (2000), co-author with Paul Anderson of Moscow Gold (2016) and a contributor to many edited collections including Mark Perryman, The Blair Agenda (1996), David Goodway, Herbert Read Reassessed (1998) and David Morley and Kevin Robbins, British Cultural Studies (2001).

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