In “Plrknib” Alex Bernstein takes the I’m with the Band vibe from “Almost Famous” and flips it into I’m with the Comics. The author of “Miserable Holiday Stories” brings you back to 1980 to tell a coming-of-age story set in the breakneck world of stand-up comedy. At 16, Bernstein became the youngest regular at Cincinnati’s premiere comedy club, d.w. eye. But as the pressure to keep up with the older comics grew, he looked for something – some edge – to help him compete. And then he found one: “Plrknib” – the perfect joke. But using the joke came with a terrible, terrible price. Set against the bohemian, downtown comedy boom of the early ’80s, “Plrknib” is a breezy, bittersweet, and utterly compelling memoir about love, friendship, and finding your own punchlines.
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“Its in the Dictionary, Look it Up, It’s a word!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jeffrey H. Dorn

In this gonzo, coming-of-age memoir set in the early 80’s, Alex Bernstein takes a situation most people might consider trivial – a teenager stealing a professional comedian’s joke – and turns it into high, hysterical, edge-of-your-seat drama. In his warts and all story, Bernstein takes the reader on a wide-eyed journey deep into the heart of Cincinnati’s stand-up comedy scene – as he both idolizes the adult comics and tries desperately to compete with them. (And ultimately bonds with them.) Some of the moments are truly painful but also incredibly funny (eg learning from his father how to drive on the highway during a blizzard). A must-read for any fan of those heady days of carting your George Carlin and Cheech and Chong albums around everywhere.

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Alex Bernstein is a freelance writer in New Jersey. His work has appeared at Corvus, BluePrintReview, Hobo Pancakes, Gi60, The Rumpus, The Legendary, The Big Jewel, MonkeyBicycle, McSweeney’s, Yankee Pot Roast, Swink, Litro, Back Hair Advocate, and PopImage, among others. Please visit him at

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