Everyone wants to be enlightened in their life, but they also desire to be entertained! Poetic Therapy is the antidote to this dilemma as it accomplishes both goals with one inoculation. As an educator, comedian, hit songwriter and producer, Greg Ware is the most logical choice to administer this miraculous serum. The life-long benefits of these seventy poems may be more valuable than any other prescription.

 Father Time is running out on Mother Nature, and this soliloquy of syntax not only mirrors society, but inspires reflection. One things for certain, you will revel in the irony and introspection as humanity is examined and dissected. So, don’t wait another minute!

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“‘We met at a club, and just like a drug, got hooked on each other.’”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Grady Harp

Who is Greg Ware and why have we not heard more about him? Perhaps his debut book JUST LOVE EVERYBODY will ring the bell – a book of possibilities, a story that challenges us to first sit back and relax and enjoy his creation as a story, and second to engage the brain and realize that this is the aperitif to a banquet of possibilities – some suggested answers to questions we all have during stargazing hours, some twists and turns of imaginary (or are they?) situations we may not comprehend at first, and in the end leaves us with the urge to hug someone – or somebodies. Well, translate all those accomplishments into poetry and Greg presents his second book POETIC THERAPY: Poems and Rhymes to Help Mankind and gets just that much more humanitarian.

Greg’s poems cover a mighty spectrum of topics and POETIC THERAPY will find a special place in the minds of a large audience. He can be funny, poignant, create parodies of our time, point out danger zones we need to attend – all in easily accessible rhyming poems. He can role-play to dance a tune we may have been ignoring and in doing so entertain us with a smile that slowly turns into a recognizable eyebrow rising fear. Pay attention to some of the words below:

A Terrorist is Born

They’ve got my dad locked up in Guantanamo Bay.
And mom insists he’s innocent, so damn the U.S.A.

She says they come over here, because the oil makes dollars.
Start unnecessary wars, and don’t believe in Allah.

Last Week her best friend, was killed in a drone strike.
They call it collateral damage, because The Price is Right.

Some lives seem to matter, much more than others.
Like when your Savior is born of a Virgin Mother

It’s the tornadoes of hate, that keep the world turning.
Has everyone forgotten about Donald Sterling?

This cycle of death, can’t help but go on and on…
We’ve been doing this ever since Babylon!

A Daughter’s Prayer

Girls be happy in your own skin,
and don’t worry about opinions,
from boys who want to be men.

Realize that you’re only human,
and it’s better to imagine,
than follow every fashion.

So please remember,
when you have to struggle,
it could always be worse…

And never forget,
that life’s a puzzle,
but you don’t have to finish first!

Just celebrate the life you’re livin’,
with all your heart and soul.
Celebrate what you’ve been givin’,
and be thankful for tomorrow.

Why select these two poems out of the many that are present in this volume? That is a question only the reader can answer while scanning the fun and joy and manner of coping that makes Greg Ware’s poetry ring as his assist to mankind. This is the work of a multifaceted amazingly talented (listen to his music!) man – a new friend and fellow traveler for everyone. Grady Harp, January 17
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

About the Author

Greg Ware has been an educator in California’s San Gabriel Valley for the last 15 years. He has a MS in education and a teaching credential from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. In addition to nurturing young minds, Greg is an accomplished musician and producer with a Billboard Top – 40 hit to his credit, along with over twenty songs featured on television. His ability to pen humorous and quirky songs opened the door to writing comedy. Greg honed his craft under the tutelage of comedian Bobbie Oliver at the legendary Ice House in Pasadena, California. After a memorable performance there he was invited to take his routine to the Main Room at the iconic Comedy Store in Hollywood! Yet writing lyrics and jokes only satisfied a fraction of his evolving fascination with the divine purpose of humanity.

Greg was trapped inside his mother’s womb with company, as he’s an identical twin. He won the race out into this world by six minutes only to discover he already had an older brother and sister. Growing up as one-half of the twin-whole gave him an empathetic perspective on the virtues of sharing. His friends gave him the nickname Fair-Ware at an early age because it seemed apropos. As a child exploring the serene California foothills, he was exposed to the wonders of nature as an avid horseman. This son of a Pentecostal minister and Wapoo Indian was blessed with an abundance of intellectual curiosity. The spirits of his forefathers were awakened and judiciously distilled their guidance in his quest to write a book that could alter the trajectory of mankind. You can watch video’s of select poems at the Greg Ware Channel on You Tube. His CD “Just Love Everybody” is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Greg is currently writing his next novel. He can be contacted at JustLoveEverybody.com

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