POINTS OF VIEW – The Weapons by Tony Thorne MBE

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Book Description

The further adventures of previously blind Horace Mayberry now fitted with nanotronic AI eyes having superhuman properties that can range over most of the electromagnetic spectrum. To pay for them he has been apprenticed to an active government secret agent, Major Aubrey Jackson. In this action-packed Book Two of the series, five nanotronic beam weapons have been stolen by terrorists from the laboratory that developed them and distributed to their hideouts all over Europe. The two agents must locate and recover the weapons before the terrorists learn how to use them. Only Horace’s intelligent eyes have the ability to interact with the beam weapons and discover their location. The missions take the team first to Tenerife in Spain, then to Scotland, France, and Austria. His experiences cause Horace’s amazing eyes to develop more abilities to assist him, especially when he is in mortal danger. They also begin to change the young agent’s personality and cause him to have vivid dreams of hazardous situations involving himself, his colleagues and his new girlfriend.

REVIEW – Points of View – The Weapons, by Tony Thorne, MBE.
“There is plenty of excitement in these pages, and I marveled at the amazing things Horace Mayberry could do with his eyes. I was thrilled with anticipation as I read it and the unexpected events and how Horace dealt with them made this book a true thriller. I just want to say this book should be shouted out as one read created by a very creative author.  I believe once people talk about the talent and excitement this author creates, the word will spread about this book and his exciting series.”
Advance copy, Book Club Reviewer.
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About the Author

I am an Englishman, born and technically educated in London, England, and now living in Austria; but in the winter, in the warmer Canary Island of Tenerife. I originally qualified as a Chartered Design Engineer, specializing in Applied Physics products.
For developments in the field of low temperature (cryo)surgery instruments and very high temperature (carbon fiber) processing furnaces, the Queen awarded me an MBE.
Earlier in life I also wrote and sold science-fiction and humorous stories, was an active SF Fan, and a spare time lecturer for the British Interplanetary Society., now retired I write of quirky speculative fiction; mostly tall Science Fiction and Macabre tales, with over 100 short stories published in various collections. My best selling, THE SINGULARITY IS COMING, the book is published in English and Chinese versions.

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