51BpVxJfApL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_POLARIS – 10 Short Stories.

Interwoven tales of science fiction and horror.

DUST – An eight year old boy, living in Kansas during the Great Depression, has visions in the middle of a dust storm.

POLARIS – An inventor builds a troubled robot assistant.

THE DARLING CHAIR – A female scientist experiments with a flying force bubble.

KING JON AND THE SHEPHERD – A government agent captures a lost alien king.

GENEVIEVE – A 16 year old girl, kidnapped and turned into a ruthless killing machine, makes her way back home.

GLASS – A soldier volunteers for a suicide mission on a distant planet.

CAPTAIN ANDREWS CAME HOME – An astronaut, lost in space for 40 years, finally returns to Earth.

STILL – A woman and a soldier interact in the midst of an interdimensional alien invasion.

THERMAL – A man, starving and freezing in the Alaskan outback, stumbles upon an abandoned research lab.

BROTHER NIGHT – A drug addled psychiatrist is introduced to a strange young woman.

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“A fantastic collection of short stories”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sammy Darko

A fantastic collection of short stories. I was riveted from the very first story, “Dust”; a wonderfully chilling horror piece set during the Great Depression. Portlock’s got a muscular, straight-forward writing style and terrific story-telling instincts that kept me turning the pages. I highly recommend this to any horror/sci-fi fan and I’m looking forward to more offerings from this talented new author.

About the Author

I’ve written and directed the short films, “In Time”, “The Sheriff of Babylon”, and the Sundance Film Fest. short, “The Spartans”. My first feature film, “The Gristle”, was picked up by HBO, Cinemax, and Starz. In 2010, my script, “Dark Continent”, topped the Blood List as best unproduced horror/sci fi screenplay.

My first collection of short stories, Polaris 10 Short Stories, is available here on Amazon.

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