Not a political book. But a tense, suspense novel, played out during an election campaign.

Crystal Moore’s good friend Ron Drake is running for governor of Texas. Polls show he has 70% of the votes. But, fake news begins pouring out, and with two weeks left before election day, his numbers are now below his opponent’s.

Only Crystal believes that an art theft at Ron’s house is related to the election. She begins to search for clues which might tie the theft and a dead man to a political dirty trick and the fake news. She finds the first clue, and quickly she is attacked and almost killed. But a pair of red boots changes everything. Two more attacks land her in the hospital. It looks like Ron may lose the election. And Crystal may lose her life.

“Powerful in its characterization, plot, and narrative interactions, Political Dirty Trick is the item of choice for thriller readers who like their stories steeped in realistic scenarios and possibilities.” From a review by Midwest Book Review Senior Reviewer Diane Donovan.

“It reads like a fast-paced James Patterson cliffhanger” Author William Doonan