sdfsdfAbsolutely, positively, the most interesting take on how to change your life starting now by using the law of attraction combined with the power of determined action. You are going to manifest your life whether it is by intentionally planning it out or simply stumbling through life. If you knew that your thoughts right now would create your future outcome, would you change your thinking right now for the best? Are you sure you really want and are ready for what you were just thinking about?? If you want to change your life right now for the best, achieve your goals, love, success, health, wealth, or even enrich your spirituality how about learning how the primal force of the law of attraction works in your life whether you think about it or not. If I told you that your thoughts became things would you start thinking of how you want your life to really be? In this practical, real world guide on how to apply the law of attraction to your life intentionally and turn your life around for the better, YOU CAN. The law of attraction works 24 hours a day 7 days a week whether you like it or not. You can work with it and intentionally target your desires and goals or you can sit back and let life mow you down. Which do you choose? Let Tiffani show you how the law of attraction works, provide real world examples, and teach you how to move through your life in a more success driven manner that is defined by you. Take the 21 day gratitude challenge along with the manifestation experiment in your life and watch how as your habits and thinking change, so does your world! For anyone looking to make their lives fuller, richer, more in tune with the Universe / God THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ. Don’t forget the gratitude book that goes with it!

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“A clear and concise message”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kenneth Griffin Jr

There are so many Law of Attraction books that are filled with, what I call, “fluff”. I mean, I have written a book on the subject myself, and read nearly a hundred or so books on the subject, so I have seen many books go off of subject.

This one, however does not. Not once! This would be a fantastic book for the beginner to read that has just had the interest peaked into the universal law. The author is persistent and clear in her message, and she provides clear direction on how to get the law to work for you.

About the Author

Tiffani Hume is BRAND NEW as an author to amazon. She is a highly intuitive, extremely well educated and well versed individual who holds five different degrees and is a veteran of the United States Army that served 10 years. With a former law enforcement background and a law degree, she has dedicated her life to being a mom, a published book author and a STRONG legal professional. She is quick witted, entertaining, funny, inspirational, and if you are feeling down, she will bring you right back up onto your feet and have you feeling inspired in no time flat.

Tiffani is seen by the vast majority as an inspiration to people all over the world, a strong mentor, friend,and power house of an advocate. She takes a hands on practical approach to writing books that is easily translated to the world by her humor and humanization of life’s events. Tiffani loves life, opportunity, and knows how to take the negative and turn it right around to her advantage in life. She takes this exact approach and teaches others to do the same thing with a law of attraction technique to life. What you think about the most, you manifest. You have the power to manifest your entire life, the power and magic is in the palm of your hand and starts with your thinking. If your life is turned upside down, learn to take control of it and create it the way you want it, right now.

Henry Ford once stated that “Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you’re right!” and what you dwell on the most is exactly what you are going to attract more of.

For books she has published you can search “POOF!!! Did I Just Attract That???” and “LAW OF ATTRACTION JOURNAL: DAILY GRATITUDE ENTRIES” which compliment one another nicely!

Her website is and you can also find her on amazon at

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  1. Tiffani, I first saw you comment on one of my simple Twitter post. Took a look at your Twitter acct. and promptly followed you back seeing what you like and post about. After seeing a few more of your post’s I was prompted to take a look at your website. I just want to take a sec to tell you I’m very impressed at your website and as it happens love listening to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret almost daily along with others. To the point, Kudo’s . Love your stuff, and can’t wait to get your book. “Poof!!!” Keep it up.

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