+Jack Curso is a happy man. He’s got his life right where he wants it. He plays his music at Raymond’s La Bella Vita Lounge. He has the occasional big gig in a big room, and now and then a tune of his shows up in a movie or on a TV commercial. Life is good. He has his bourbon, his weed, his freedom, and his women on his own terms.

When he meets Terri Melnick, the beautiful wife of a wealthy man, poolside at his apartment building, Jack hopes for nothing more than another intriguing sexual encounter. But he gets more—much more—and he soon finds himself in hiding from professional killers.

The life that Jack loves has been stolen from him. If he wants it back he’ll have to fight for it. He’ll have to adjust, think on his feet, and grow, if he’s to reclaim his life. He’s been hurled into a strange world where nothing is simple or familiar, but at least, what weighs in the balance is clear. It’s that or it’s death.

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Poolside, is a Fun/Cerebral Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Vy Ramone

A 2016 Mickey Spillane style throwback story; however, it’s contemporary enough to be appreciated by any generation. On the order of Mike Hammer, Mulholland Drive, The Two Jakes, or Twilight (Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, and Susan Sarandon). The setting is Los Angeles, CA. Where else? Featuring, Jack, a player and a piano player. Jack plays nightclubs and women…well…except for Janie, from Arizona/New Mexico or where ever the f___. The Jack & Janie, hook-up, is camp hilarious. Jack is a live-and-let-live, kind of guy. He isn’t out to hurt anyone or to become entangled (monogamous) with anyone. The man enjoys life’s simple pleasures, a few laps in the pool or scoping out potential talent, poolside; 2 or 3 fingers of Markers Mark; blazing a bowl or two of Kush; the Ladies; Stan Getz, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, with a side of Bob Dylan. Jack’s a southern Italian, a.k.a., Sicilian, from Philadelphia. Who else eats a capicola, (genoa) salami, mortadella, and provolone, hoagie? New Yorkers, eat subs. : ) Enter Terri, a fox. Aside from the obvious, Terri has something Jack doesn’t have. Terri has problems. Problems, like cooties, are contagious. So, Jack catches a raging case of problems, from Terri. Now let the games begin!

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Brand new author. Burned out cynic. POOLSIDE available now. Coming on March 25th from Whiskey Creek Press and Start Media.

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