A female serial killer is so obsessed with art, that she finds her ultimate purpose in the desire to paint portraits of her victims in the midst of their death. That’s the challenge facing brilliant but flawed detective Nathan Pearson who finds the case hits remarkably too close to home.

Mona Pruitt is obsessed with painting portraits of dead people. She is determined to make a name for herself as someone who kills to advance her career. She was ready to launch her career as the next greatest artist until she was arrested for killing a man and painting a portrait of his dead body in the center of Millennium Park. Soon, she was committed to a mental hospital.

Now, Nathan Pearson, recently quit his job as lead detective from the Chicago police department, has been rejecting offers from the FBI who want to recruit him as one of their agents. But when a disturbing message is left for him in the park, “Mona Pruitt must die. Nathan Pearson let her loose”, he knows he is going to be forced to work with the people he hates most.

Someone wants Mona Pruitt dead for her stunt in Millennium Park, and also wants Nathan Pearson dead for not realizing what she was. Perhaps he should have known since they used to date each other. Therefore, Mona knows all his secrets and will expose them at a time of her choosing. More people are murdered and someone is painting portraits of their deaths hoping they will get to Mona and Nathan next.

All of this leads to a dangerous and twisted turn of events that will make Mona Pruitt the next deadly famous artist.

Portrait of Death is the first in a brand new series and is a fast paced dramatic thriller. This is a new and different take that separates itself from other serial killer books.
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“Portrait of Death”

Five Star Review on Amazon By ALY

I really enjoyed this book. I love serial killers books! The story was gripping and character were keeping me interested in reading more. I hope there will be more like this. * I received this book from the author—this is my honest review*

About the Author

Greg Ryan has been into screenwriting since he was in middle school. Eventually he started writing thriller novels. It became clear to him that he wanted to write something new and different, a story that people didn’t feel they’ve already read a hundred times by similar authors. He is very passionate about shocking his readers and making his scenes get out of hand with a unique story that doesn’t copy other authors. He provides something new and promises you that every book of his will have non-stop shocks and thrills. You can hold him to it.

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