Power To Thrive

by – Richard J Cavaness (Author)

Elevate Your Everyday Living By Unlocking Your God-Given Power So You Can Rise Above Mediocrity 

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Book Description:

I believe that fear is running rampant in our society today which is paralyzing people today from becoming everything that God created them to be…

Power to Thrive helps people like you to rise above mediocrity, unlock your God given power, and elevate your everyday living by activating your spirit drive.

Power to Thrive is a book about education, equipping, and empowering you the reader to be the best God has created you to be.  The concepts that you will learn in this book have taken many tens of thousands of men and women from living in mediocrity to living their God-given purpose, mission, and using their gifts, talents, and abilities as they were meant to be.

The ideas you are going to learn are tested and proven.  When you read and then apply the principles, you will be able to have a blueprint to begin the journey of being able to accomplish the things that are most meaningful in your life.  

Power to Thrive specifically addresses the seven main obstacles to thriving in your life:
* Not knowing your WHY and where you are going in your life
* Fear
* Excess stress and personal health issues
* Limiting beliefs
* Negative mindset
* Lack of emotional control
* Not tapping into God’s power and plan for your life

What makes Power to Thrive different from everything else out in the Christian coaching space is that it has a unique coaching process that links the Bible, Science, Psychology, and Personal Development together in a way that connects people to Jesus Christ like no other.  

                              How Power to Thrive Will Help You?
* You will learn to bust through the things that hold you back in your life.

* You will learn that by living a 100% responsible life and accepting responsibility for everything that happens to you, is the starting point of all great accomplishment.

* You will learn that you were created by God for specific purpose and reason

* You will learn how to live each day better and to elevate your results from each day as well by understanding your values, roles, mission, and gifts.

* You will learn how the subconscious mind works and its power to affect your life

* You will learn to identify past hurts so you can move forward with your life

* You will learn that gratitude is the catalyst that fuels a positive mental attitude

* You will learn the power of self-talk and how to eliminate limiting beliefs

* You will discover that everything you want in life is on the other side of fear and that comfort zones are places for those who live in mediocrity

* You will learn the power of manifesting and focusing on what you want in life, how setting goals and developing a plan of action is fuel to life

* You will learn how your money blueprint has affected your life and where you are at today financially

* You will learn how you manage the 8 hours of your extra time in life determines how far you go in this world

* You will learn how you live physically and mentally, will determine your health, stress, how you think, and overall well-being.

Power to Thrive’s unique process has helped people who have had struggling marriages and relationships, people who have had no idea what their purpose is, and others who have had a huge disconnect with the Lord God almighty, and others who have been so encompassed with fear that they felt trapped in their everyday living, and with all of them they have found massive improvement, profound change, and a closer walk with the Lord by implementing the power to thrive process.

Reviews for the Book

I attended a workshop with the Author in 2021. The topic was Power To Thrive, and it was one of the most moving and meaty presentations I’ve received. This book expands on that, and is unbelievably packed full of goodness. I’ll be reading it again, to pull out the deeper concepts. Living a Christ centered and active life, requires a framework. The Bible provides that, and Power to Thrive provides a treatise on living out your best life.   - Will

About the Author:

Rich Cavaness is an author, entrepreneur, certified master coach practitioner, speaker, former Senior Pastor, and sales and marketing specialist for several companies in Las Vegas and Dallas, TX.

Rich Cavaness has spoken to thousands of people in the field of Bible based success and personal development, as well revivals and evangelism events for churches across the United States. Hundreds of people have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and been baptized through his powerful and simple teaching of the Gospel and God’s word.

Rich has the unique and powerful ability to take any topic, especially Bible teachings and make it easy for people to understand and apply to their lives. He teaches people today how to master the important areas of their lives: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in relationships.

Over the span of 8 years, Rich was an evangelist, revivalist, and Senior Pastor of churches in Charleston and Huntington, WV.

He has an extensive background in the insurance industry and has owned and operated two successful insurance agencies over a 12 year span. He currently operates Cavaness Insurance Agency out of Dallas, TX, which is a multi-line insurance agency which specializes in life and property casualty insurance. He is recognized by Farmers Insurance as a Top 10% agency in the country.

He is currently a Certified Master Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation. His passion is helping people rise above mediocrity and be all that God created them to be.

Rich has authored five books now, and his 2018 release of The Gratitude Effect was nominated by the Author Academy Awards as one of the top 10 self help books for that year. He was also one of the first Christian authors to respond in 2006 to The Secret, with his powerful book, Decoding the Secret: The Law of Attraction from a Biblical Perspective.

Rich’s Top 5 Strengths are High achiever, strategist, learner, focus, and maximizer. These are very helpful when helping people reach their goals and dreams.

Rich enjoys anything in the mountains, visiting family, travel, exercise, and reading and research.

Rich has two adult children, two grand-daughters, and his wife Libia and he live in Dallas, TX

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